6 Reasons: Why Every Kid Needs a Trampoline

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6 Reasons: Why Every Kid Needs a Trampoline

The world has changed a lot since we were children. For many of us, our kids live a life we wouldn't have been able to imagine when we were growing up. But some things never change. One of the best that comes to mind is the joy of jumping on a trampoline

Sure, trampolines have changed since then. They’re safer, and new technology means they can do much more than the old-fashioned traditional trampoline ever could. But the sheer joy of bouncing holds the same allure, providing hours of entertainment.

Here are 6 reasons a trampoline makes a great addition to your child’s lifestyle (and yours):

1. It’s good for them

These days there aren't many recreational activities your kids are ‘just dying to do’ which are also healthy for them.  A trampoline keeps kids jumping around, working their muscles and cardiovascular systems

They’ll be reminding you of what kids were like when you were growing up, and will be begging you to let them go outside and play.  You won’t be chasing your kids out of the house; you’ll be chasing them back in for dinner.

2. Hours of fun at home

A trampoline is the kind of thing that will make kids want to stay and play at home. Play-dates are less of a challenge, as having friends around to jump on the trampoline is great fun for all involved. If you’ve ever taken your kids to a trampoline-owning friend’s house, you’ll know the trampoline is the first thing they run to.

The safety assurance of a safe trampoline like a Springfree Trampoline gives you the comfort to know you can just zip up the trampoline and let them play.

  3. They’re getting outdoors

Just like a trampoline keeps kids healthy because they are being active, it also gets them out into the yard, enjoying fresh air.

Instead of indoor sedentary play, which is becoming an increasing problem for parents, they’ll get their vitamin D in the sun while they’re having fun! 

4. It’s good for YOU (and your fitness)

Let’s be honest, we all wish we were young when we see our kids doing things our bodies now find a challenge. Excuses aside, jumping is not one of those. You can get out on that trampoline too!

NASA discovered that 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to a 30-minute run. Now that’s efficient use of your time!

And of course, that feeling of defying gravity is always fun! It brings out the inner child in all of us, and gets the heart pumping faster than you may think. So get out onto the trampoline and have a good bounce.

Springfree Trampoline medium, large and jumbo size models all have a recommend safe user weight of up to 100kg, and are strong enough to withhold a structural load capacity of 500kg. This means any one bouncer up to 100kg can bounce safely.

5. It's a great workout tool for Mums and Dads

There’s so many ways you can use a trampoline for your home workout.

There’s plenty of great blog articles to guide you, like 10 Exercises to Tone and Tighten and Trampoline Muscular Endurance Training Program.

6. Years of fun

Trampoline fun is great for any age and investing in a high quality trampoline should give you not hours of fun, but years of fun for the whole family - including Mum & Dad! 

Choose a trampoline that works for the space you have in your yard, and one that can be enjoyed by all. Springfree Trampoline have a range of 6 trampoline models in different shapes and sizes to suit different homes and families.

Who doesn’t love to see their kids having a blast, just being kids and enjoying time outside?

A trampoline is pure fun, with so many other benefits. And you get all the reward you need when you see, hear, and even join them laughing the day away. 

If you've got a Springfree-sized hole in your life, you can view the Springfree Trampoline range here, or find out about our easy payment options, including Layby and Finance

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