Safety shouldn't be an option

Dr. Keith Alexander kiwi inventor, has redesigned the trampoline from the ground up and made jumping safe.

Why is Springfree the world’s safest trampoline?

Our springless patented design has not only changed the way trampolines work but eliminated the impact areas that cause 90% of all product-related trampolines injuries.

How safe is your Trampoline?

Each year more than 105,000 kids are sent to the hospital because of traditional trampolines – and that’s just in the USA. Learn from an independent expert why Springfree is the safest choice.

The Springfree Difference

Re-engineered from the ground up. See the features comparison below.



Mat Rods

Springfree Trampoline uses flexible composite rods that lie beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way.


Traditional spring trampoline

Trampolines commonly use metal coil springs.

Hidden Frame

Springfree Trampoline’s frame is well beneath the jumping surface - you can’t hit it.

Exposed Frame

Exposed frame of traditional trampoline

The metal frame is located at the same level as the jumping surface.

SoftEdge Mat

Springfree has created a shock absorbent SoftEdge™ mat that eliminates any hard edges at the jumping surface.


Trampoline foam pad

Foam pads are used to cover the metal springs.

FlexiNet Enclosure

Springfree Trampoline's FlexiNet enclosure has flexible net rods that cushion jumpers and prevent falls.

Rigid Poles & Net

Trampoline poles

Most trampoline enclosures are made from a rigid net and are held up by steel poles.

Creating Safe Outdoor Play

Our smart springless design has not only changed the way trampolines work but it has eliminated the impact areas most commonly related to injuries.

Springfree Trampoline awarded internationally

CHOICE Recommended - 2017

2016 Good Design Awards
tgoma® - Product Design: Sport and Lifestyle
tgoma® - Digital Design: Interface Design

RedDot Product
Design Award 2014

Toyology Outdoor
Toy Awards 2013

2011 Kidspot
Best Of Award, Australia

2011 Parent Tested
Parent Approved Winner

2010 NAPPA Gold Award
Children’s Products, USA

2010 Product of the Year, Canada
2010 Product of the Year, USA

2009 International Design Award

2011 Parent Tested
Parent Approved Winner

2009 Family Choice Award, USA

2009 Kidspot
Best Of Award, Australia

2009 Best Award, New Zealand

Springfree is not only committed to building the world’s safest trampoline, we are also leaders in the advancement of the industry’s safety standards. Our team is proud to have been involved in the development and revision of many safety standards now in place around the world.

Unfortunately most trampoline safety standards are not mandatory and, in many countries, trampolines that do not meet any standard are still able to be sold. This puts the responsibility on retailers and owners to do their research to make sure the trampoline they select is a good choice.

Check the current trampoline standards from around the world to see if the trampoline you’re considering is compliant:

Region Name Description
USA ASTM F389-14 Covers the components, assembly, and use of consumer trampolines. It is intended to reduce the risks associated with the use of trampolines at home.
USA ASTM F2225 - 013 Covers the performance and safety requirements for trampoline enclosures and addresses the manufacturing and assembly of components, maintenance and use.
USA ASTM F2774-09 Covers standard practice for testing the quality of consumer trampoline mat material.
Europe EN 13219:2008 Specifies functional and basic safety requirements for the use of gymnastic trampolines.
Europe EN 71-14 Aims to reduce those hazards that may not be evident to users; This standard does not cover inherent hazards that should be obvious to consumers.
Australia AS4989-2006 Covers minimum acceptable design standards and consumer information requirements. This standard is not mandatory and trampolines for sale in this region are not required to be compliant. This standard is currently under revision.
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