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CHOICE recommends Springfree.

Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline to pass major safety tests in Australia, that were undertaken by Australian Consumer Watchdog, CHOICE.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome Trampoline

Fantastic trampoline we just love it and the basketball hoop is so much fun. The rods were a bit hard to get in but other than that it was easy to assemble.


We are going bigger


Large Oval Trampoline

We brought our 2 girls large oval for christmas, and they love it for practicing their gymnastics.
We are now getting the largest springfree you make for even more fun.
Very happy customers :)

Paul & Melissa
Portland Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Best tramp ever


Medium Round Trampoline

Our tramp is about to be retired after 10 years out in the weather with no maintenance. The frame has now rusted through but the mat and net are still almost like new. There is no wear visible at all in the mat. Three boys have jumped daily for 10 years, for hours a day. It's been used for exercise, fun, socializing, quiet time, music listening, showing off, escaping the family, parties, meditating, philosophizing, everything. Undoubtedly the best investment we ever made - way better than the pool. Even though the boys are now finishing school and leaving home, they want it replaced straight away. Buy one, you won't regret it.

Owen Jenkins

couldn't be happier


Medium Oval Trampoline

Thankyou Springfree! Our 2 kids could not be any more happier than what are with our new springfree medium oval. We had a cheaper/inferior trampoline for years, which sat there unused (I think my 5y.o would have last used it over a year ago). We realised how different the Springfree was when she was at a friends house and had was giggling for hours whilst jumping. We took the plunge and whilst pricey, it has been well worth it. Our old tramp had cobwebs, and our springfree is now used multiple times per day. The best way to describe it is the words of my daughter "this is the best present ever."

nicole andersen
Brisbane, Qld, AUSTRALIA

Springfree, large oval


Large Oval Trampoline

We purchased our Springfree for Christmas 2013. From our first interaction with the company the service was exceptional. The phone operator was FANTASTIC, patient, accurate and kept to his word with what was a stressful decision amongst the Christmas/holiday rush. They delivered the trampoline whilst we were away which made it a perfect surprise for the kids. They called on their way and the feedback from our neighbours was the service was great. As for the actual trampoline I am amazed at how much it is used and that we ALL use it! I have been on many trampolines, this does not compare to anything else. The quality is incredible, the bounce like no other and the safety is as safe as you can get with a trampoline. The only negative I have is accessing the tramp for really little ones. We looked at the access ladder sold with the tramp and decided against it as it appears (I could be wrong) to have a finger trap issue if little ones put there fingers in the wrong spot then step on the step, also my little one would need a more stable step to master getting on due to balance. We currently use a sturdy step ladder but even this is not ideal. I have, and will continue to, recommend this trampoline to friends. We questioned the price as it is probably the largest investment in a play item we will ever make, but now I know what I know I would do it again and not both buying all those other little toys that have been left, and provide little more than half hour of entertainment. The physical benefit of the tramp alone makes the money worthwhile, for the entire family.

Lou Heeney
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

A rare product that over delivers on its promoses

I can't recommend this product enough. Our kids were delighted with this trampoline and its amazing how relaxed we feel about them using it. Every bit as safe as the company claims and more. Would encourage anyone considering a trampoline to visit the showroom and to think about safety. To top it all off, when you touch, feel and use the trampolines its very evident the materials used are all of an extrmely high level of quality. A great company selling a great product.


Marriage Saver


Large Oval Trampoline

On the advise of friends we purchased installation with our trampoline and it was well worth it - a real marriage saver! It also gave us the peace of mind that the trampoline was installed properly and therefore safe for our kids. Speaking of kids, our 3 boys were literally climbing walls before we bought the trampoline - they have since been using the trampoline morning, noon & night. My husband and I are able to sit back with a glass of wine after dinner and have a decent conversation for once. Occasionally we glance at the trampoline and say "Best money ever spent!".


Perfect even for the real little ones.


Medium Oval Trampoline

I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of this trampoline. I bought this for my two children 18 months and 3 years and although I was concerned that they were too young, I have been amazed at how often they have both used it. It only took a short time before my youngest learnt to jump and she loves it. Everyday my children use this trampoline and it is very quickly becoming my best investment for their entertainment.

Sunrise Beach, AUSTRALIA
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