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Customer Reviews

Kids love it


Large Oval Trampoline

We have had our springfree trampoline for 5 years. After 4 years the stitching on the mat disintegrated and came apart beyond repair. Expensive to replace. Huge hassle to remove old mat and attach new one. Kids are happy again but don't know if I will replace it next time.

Elliminyt, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Is the springfree worth the money you pay?


Large Oval Trampoline

Researched for ever before making our purchase and just wanted to provide feedback to the same people like me who will be questioning the cost of a springfree. We purchased ours 14 months ago and live by the ocean. Friends bought a similar sized tramp with the steel springs in a similar location. The springfree still looks relavely new with the only rust being on the bolts that hold it together. Potentially they could invest in a commercial grade bolt and they would completely eliminate the problem. My mates tramp in his own admission looks aged. Rust all over the springs, net degrading rapidly and mat showing first signs. The tramp he bought was very similar in price. Anyway, not here to flufff it too much, but I honeslty wouldnt recommend anything else. BD

Brodie Duncan

Great Value


Large Square Trampoline

Fantastic for my three daughters aged 9, 8 and 6. Took 2 hours to install and definitely needed to watch the install videos. By far the easiest way to install the rods is by getting underneath and putting them in that way. Found it impossible to put the final few in if we weren't underneath doing it that way. Has a great bounce, very quiet and the Large Square is a great size.


Watch the fibreglass rods after about 5-7 years

Everything has been great with our Springfree - the kids have loved it. We have had it for about 7 years now but after 5 years the kids have gotten shards of fibreglass in their hands when they touch the rods and these are hard to remove and give them rashes. Not made for harsh Aussie conditions after 5 years, but great product up to then.

Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Best and safest


Medium Round Trampoline

After having a child hurt on a traditional trampoline I searched for something better and found Springfree and have never looked back.

I have 5 children and 4 trampolines, 3 have been Springfree trampolines.

My needs have changed over the years and hence my change in trampolines.

I have used the dismantle and reassemble service and cannot tell you how much it eased my mind not to have to worry about this problem.

Now when my children go to someones place, who does not have a springfree trampoline I do not let my child go on it, they are not that safe.

I always recommend to friends and family that the cost is worth every cent and to get a Springfree.

best regards


Elizabeth CeeVee

Home entertainment


Large Oval Trampoline

GREAT FUN FOR MY 2 GIRLS AGE 11 AND 13 WE HAVE HAD 7 YEARS OF LAUGHTER AND LOOKING FORWARD TO 7 MORE ! Its been good for keeping them fit and active.

Ross Connon



Medium Round Trampoline

Best Santa present ever We have had ours 6 years this Christmas and it still performs like the day we got it. New pup did chew the net leaving it flapping in the breeze, but was easy and reasonably priced to replace it. Love it.

Alice Savory
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Delivery response poo


Large Oval Trampoline

It is at the end of 10 business days (Friday) and I still do not have my spare parts (very small parts) that I ordered on 13 October. It did not leave your warehouse until 7 days later on 20th which is a very poor response time. Now it will be about 2 1/2wks before the kids can use the trampoline. I expect this delivery response from overseas, not a company in Australia. Was given a fake 'sorry' when I phoned up and then wanted to put all the blame on Australia Post. After payment, you don't jump to help people.

Peita Small
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