10 Signs That a Trampoline for Christmas is the Perfect Gift

Discover the perfect Christmas surprise for your child! We reveal the top 10 signs that a trampoline for Christmas is the ultimate holiday gift. 

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10 Signs That a Trampoline for Christmas is the Perfect Gift

A trampoline for Christmas is one of the common gifts you can buy for your children. But how do you know that it’s the best gift for your children?  

As the creator and seller of the world’s safest trampoline, we’ve helped guide plenty of parents in surprising their kiddos with a trampoline for Christmas.   

Along the way, we’ve gathered a few hints that a trampoline could be the perfect gift for an unforgettable Christmas for your child! 

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10 Signs That a Trampoline For Christmas Is the Best Gift   

If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, a trampoline could be the cure for them this Christmas!  

Sign #1: Your Child Loves Being Active  

Trampolines are one of the best ways to get your kids active consistently. The benefits of trampoline jumping can be significant for growing children.  

If your child has a lot of energy and loves active play, trampolines can help improve their balance, coordination and muscle development while not taxing their joints as they grow.  

Sign #2: Your Child Values Outdoor Time  

If your child is the outdoors type, they will surely love having a trampoline to jump on.  

According to Healthy Children, studies have shown that the more time a child spends in nature, the more they improve their learning outcomes. 

Spending time in the sun also means your child is getting Vitamin D, which is essential for growing stronger bones and strengthening their immune system! 

A girl smiling while jumping in the air on a Springfree Trampoline.

Sign #3: Your Child Spends Too Much Time Indoors 

If your child is not spending enough time outdoors, a Christmas trampoline can be the perfect gift to get them outside and active.   

Limiting screen time is crucial for a child’s development. According to the Mayo Clinic, slimming screen times improves physical health, boosts mood and helps with exploring new activities –which can promote creativity.  

Sign #4: Your Child Is an Athlete  

A tell-tale sign that a trampoline for Christmas is the right gift is if your child is a growing athlete.   

Whether it be a gymnast, basketball player or any other sport, your young athlete will have fun while improving their skills and conditioning on a trampoline.   

Sign #5: Your Child is a Dancer   

It’s not just athletes that can benefit from trampolines. Aspiring dancers can learn control and stability on a trampoline, and it’s the ideal place to get creative with new moves.  

You can also host a dance contest on a trampoline, one of the many trampoline activities you can do besides jumping!  

A girl in a Santa hat smiling big while laying on a Springfree Trampoline.

Sign #6: Your Child Enjoys Bouncing on Beds and Couches 

This one is an easy sign – if your child is jumping on furniture all the time, they are a prime candidate for a trampoline!  

Sign #7: Your Child Enjoys Playtime With Friends  

Trampolines can be a great way for your child to socialize with friends or other siblings. We recommend a “One Jumper at a Time” Rule to be safe, but there’s plenty you can do while one person jumps.   

We enjoy dunk contests and Elude the Balloon as trampoline games to play with multiple friends! 

A boy about to dunk on a Springfree Trampoline Hoop. 

Sign #8: Your Child Likes the Trampoline Park  

Trampoline parks are fun, but can also be crowded, pricey and unsafe.  

If your child loves jumping at the trampoline park, buying a backyard trampoline would be more convenient, safer and provide more long-term value.  

Sign #9: Your Child Enjoys Sensory Activities   

The rhythmic bouncing on a trampoline can contribute to the sensory development of children.  

This includes vestibular stimulation, proprioceptive input and emotional regulation.    

Sign #10: Your Child Loves Creative Play  

Kids are curious and imaginative by nature, and there are many ways to be creative on a trampoline besides jumping.   

Whether it’s chalk drawing, building a trampoline fort or decorating the trampoline for a special occasion, there are endless possibilities to spur your creative child’s mind.   

How Do Give a Trampoline for Christmas?   

Trampolines are big, but the perfect Christmas Day reveal exists if you follow these steps:  

1. Assemble the trampoline the night before Christmas. 

2. Tie a bow around it.  

3. Put some tinsel and decorations on it.  

Check out the video below for how to make a bow for your trampoline:   

Looking for the Best Trampoline for Christmas?   

A trampoline for Christmas could be the most memorable gift yet for your child, especially if they are showing the signs above.   

If you’re still looking for a trampoline for kids, we at Springfree Trampoline have:  

  • The safest trampoline (springless design, a flexible net, no hard edges on the mat, a hidden frame and no metal poles.) 
  • Highest quality trampoline, tested to three million jumps and able to survive severe weather.  
  • Longest-lasting trampoline (backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all parts).   



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