50 Ways To Use Your Springfree Trampoline

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50 Ways To Use Your Springfree Trampoline

Summer is almost here which means it's the perfect weather to jump! But did you know that your trampoline can be used for more than just jumping? Check out our list of 50 ways to get the most out of your Springfree trampoline.

1.     Movie night party with a sheet and projector.

2.     Pop a small tent on the trampoline and have a backyard adventure.

3.     Backyard sleepover with sleeping bags and pillows.

4.     Chalk art on the mat.

5.     Games of Duck, Duck, Goose.

6.     Yoga and meditation space.

7.     Place a sprinkler under the trampoline and cool off.

8.     Turn the trampoline into a storytelling space.

9.     Teddy bear picnic on trampoline.

10.  Yoga - Why not try some of your favorite yoga moves on the so {and forgiving} surface of a trampoline? You may not be able to do all the poses, but you can certainly do some and have fun trying!

11.  Take a relaxing nap.

12.  Cloud watching.

13.  Star gazing.

14.  Decorate it for a special occasion. Dress it as a giant jack-o-lantern for Halloween or hang lights for Christmas!

15.  Play “popcorn” with your stuffed animals.

16.  Draw rooms with chalk on the trampoline and play house.

17.  Have a slam dunk contest.

18.  Throw the ball back and forth with someone outside the trampoline.

19.  Obstacle course -  set up a course in your backyard and have it end at your Springfree, with a specific number of jumps to finish.

20.  Read books.

21.  Blow bubbles on trampoline.

22.  Have a tea party.

23.  Make a giant fort.

24.  Learn – Parents write the alphabet and numbers with chalk on the mat scrambled up, call them out and have your kids jump to the correct answer.

25.  Fill the trampoline with balloons or water balloons.

26.  Cleaning party – load up with soap and clean and jump . Be careful! Surface will get slippery!

27.  Make a laser course on the mat out of yarn and try not to touch it.

28.  Practice soccer into the net.

29.  Draw a race track with chalk on the mat and race your toy cars around.

30.  Make a twister game board.

31.  Dance party.

32.  Jump rope snake – Have one person stand outside the trampoline and move a jump rope back and forth over the surface of the mat in an “s” formation. Then one child tries to jump over the rope {aka “snake”} without getting “bit”. If they touch it, the children switch places.

33.  Memory Game – Everyone sits around the perimeter of the trampoline along the edge. One person does a “trick” in the center of the jumping surface. The next person then has to copy the first person’s trick and adds one of their own. Continue with each child doing the tricks before them and adding their own. If someone forgets a trick or gets it out of order, they are out and the game continues until only one child is left.

34.  Just JUMP!

35.  Put glow stick in balloons for glow in the dark jumping.

36.  Simon Says.

37.  Play the basketball shooting game, ‘HORSE’, from outside the trampoline with the FlexrHoop.

38.  Jump with a giant beach ball, but don’t let it touch you!

39.  Play music while jumping, take action video/pictures while jumping or watch a movie.

40.  String lights on frame & top of safety net for night time jumping.

41.  Do homework/study.

42.  Rehabilitation after injury - improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

43.  Put pillows under your clothes and have a pillow wrestle.

44.  Draw Hopscotch with chalk and play.

45.   At night, clip a white sheet to the front of the trampoline. Shine a couple of flashlights on the sheet from the inside of the trampoline and take turns putting on a shadow puppet show!

46.  Jump rope on the trampoline.

47.  Science everything – we all know that learning about science while doing helps you retain what you've learned, but trampolines make that about a thousand times more fun. Teach the principles of gravity, weights, friction and static electricity while laughing and getting some great exercise.

48. Fitness routines.

49.  Dance with trailing silk scarves.

50.  Sensory teaching and development.

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