Treadmill or Trampoline? Make the Smart Investment

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Treadmill or Trampoline? Make the Smart Investment

When most people are considering purchasing exercise equipment for their home they think – treadmill. But is the treadmill the right investment for you and your family? Bouncing on a trampoline can give you a great workout, gets the heart-rate up and gives the same sense of achievement as a 30-minute run. The best part? It feels better and is a lot more fun! 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a treadmill for you home take a look at the benefits of a trampoline instead. You can enjoy many health benefits from your Springfree – and it's much more fun than pounding the pavent, or the treadmill! 

1. Force of Impact

Lots of people use running as a way to get fit. But one downside of running is that it's a high-impact exercise that can cause stress on your joints due to the force of impact.

Jumping on a trampoline is a low-impact cardio exercise that absorbs 80% of the shock. It takes the pressure off your knees and removes the strain and stress of a hard surface workout. And when you're having fun jumping on your Springfree, it always seems like less work – until you finish your quick bounce and realise you've just had a great workout! 

2. Calorie Burning

You may be surprised to find out how many calories you burn while jumping on your trampoline. 

3. Time Saver

A NASA study found that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is the equivalent of a 30 minute run. You can achieve a fantastic workout on a trampoline in 10 minutes. And you can feel just how many different areas of your body are getting a workout, in a very short time. If you’re a busy parent who struggles to find time to exercise you can go for a quick jump right in your backyard!

4. Exercise Like An Astronaut

A NASA study found that trampoline jumping is 68% more efficient than running or jogging. In fact, it proved to be the best exercise to rebuild the lost bone tissue of astronauts whose weightless state caused them to lose 15% of their bone mass.

Let face it, jumping on a trampoline is fun. And even better, it’s an investment for the whole family. From kids to adults everyone can enjoy the fun of getting outside and active on a trampoline!

5. Smart Exercise

Springfree Trampoline is the Smart Trampoline. Sensors on the mat detect your every move and your body is the controller, as your jumps control the fun, educational and active games on your tablet. If you're finding it difficult to get motivated to exercise, you can simply play a few rounds of Alien Stomp or Fruitants. You'll be laughing, smiling, having fun and before you know it, you'll have had an excellent workout – all the while knowing you're getting your score up! And of course, motivation is a lot easier to come by with guided workouts lead by a professional trampoline coach – with real-time stats on your results!

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