Fun Family Activities On Your Trampoline – Without Bouncing!

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Fun Family Activities On Your Trampoline – Without Bouncing!

The first things that come to mind when we think ‘trampolines’ are bouncing, fun, easy exercise and laughter – but there are also lots of out-of-the-box things you can do on your Springfree!

Let your imagination fly free, and embark on these cute little family adventures and activities in your own backyard!

Cubby House

Whether it’s a cave to hide from monsters, a spaceship to take you to Mars or a venue for hosting tea parties, a cubby house holds a world of possibilities!

If you don’t have a cubby house in the backyard, you can turn your Springfree into a temporary cubby house!  Why not throw sheets over the top and sides of your Springfree and create an adventure for the whole family. Add some pillows, climb inside together, and sit and play pretend – the kids will love it!

A Story Zone

Building on the cubby house activity, why not bring some blankets and books onto your trampoline and turn your trampoline into a storytelling space? Read each other stories, or tell each other stories, acting them out as you go. Something that adds a lot of giggles is to make up a story together – take turns telling a part of the story each for a really unpredictable ending!

Drawing Board

Did you you’re your Springfree Trampoline makes a great chalk drawing board? The black mat shows up colours really well! The best part of this one is you can hose it off when they’re done or let the rain do the work for you. 

*Our top tip – Try drawing some hopscotch squares out for hours of fun.  

Two kids drawing in a trampoline


Ants and other annoying creepy crawlies have ruined many a picnic, this is where the trampoline can be your saviour! Set up a rug or picnic blanked on the trampoline, lay out a spread of delicious food and enjoy some family time in the great outdoors.

*Our top tip – keep the cutlery away from the trampoline and of course no jumping around the food.

Star Gazing

Put some bug spray on, grab your pillows and your blankets and get the family together to star gaze on your Springfree! Lay in comfort, listen to the calm sounds of the night, breathe in fresh air while you’re all snuggled up and enjoy the sights of nature! Can you spot a constellation? Will you see a shooting star?

*Our top tip –  why not do the same during a cloudy day and cloud-gaze instead? Try to make out shapes in the clouds, and share in the giggles as you get to the more far-fetched observations!

Performance Stage

What child doesn’t like to be the centre of attention? And who wouldn’t crack up watching Mum or Dad rock out with an a Capella ACDC performance? Turn your Springfree into a stage to showcase skills, or to do a talent-show-style family competition.  We suggest setting up some audience seating around the trampoline and let your kids put on an open-air performance.

Springfree Trampoline models are built with safety and quality top-of-mind, meaning your family can enjoy hours of bouncing and fun for the whole family, for years to come.

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