Back to School Transitioning

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Back to School Transitioning

Everyone loves school holidays (well, the kids do anyway)! But while they’re excited about seeing all their friends again, you’ll start to hear those dreaded words "I’m bored" sneak into afternoon homework time.

Here are our top tips on how to balance play and learning during the after-school period, for happy and healthy kids, and how to make that ‘back to school’ transition a little easier for everyone!

The Routine

The first 2 week backs at school is normally the hardest for kids, after getting out of the rhythm of the school morning routine. Ease the kids into the routine slowly so it’s not as stressful during the first days. (This is for you more than the kids!)

Positive Thinking

Remind and encourage your kids about all the exciting things they will get up to at school! Art, sport, excursions, reward days & playing with friends at lunch time always seem to strike a positive chord with kids.

After School Exercise

Taking a break from learning to play outdoors burns off extra energy and gives kids a chance to be creative while having fun. A trampoline is a great outdoor energy burner for the backyard. The more time spent bouncing, the more children develop their motor skills and coordination.

Mix up the afternoons with a healthy balance of homework, playtime and household chores to keep the kids stimulated and energised and their little bodies and minds active. 

After a hard day learning at school, burning off some energy and clearing their minds with some energetic jumping may be just the thing your kids need before knuckling down to do their homework later on.

Rewarding Homework with Fun

School work and homework are key to a great learning experience, as well as a great discipline to have.  Most kids favour playtime over study so balancing their afternoon with a healthy dose of both is ideal for their mental and physical development.

And if you find you’re having to struggle to motivate your kids to do their homework, why not use your trampoline as a reward for hard effort during homework time. You’re little bundles of joy will soon learn that if they want to enjoy some free bounce time after school, they’ll have to follow through with homework either before or after, or their jumping privileges will be forfeit!

Early Bed times

 Kids get extra tired in the first couple of weeks, which can mean emotional outbursts. A little extra sleep each night especially in the first couple of weeks can help.

Give kids a breakfast suitable for an Ironman and ensure all snacks are healthy and nutritious. Lots of carbs and extra fruit snacks in their lunchbox help keep the energy levels up during the transition to school.

Reuniting the Family

One thing that we always miss just a little as parents is the quality time together that the family gets during the holidays. Make sure you take the time to engage in fun activities that the whole family can enjoy together. Your trampoline is a great chance for the family to reunite in the afternoon, with endless games!

Isn’t it amazing that kids seem to roll out of bed with more energy than a wind-up toy? That energy can make even the simplest morning tasks near impossible to accomplish. Consider letting them bounce on the trampoline just before breakfast. It’s a great way to get the blood flowing, burn off some excess energy and get them smiling and ready for the day ahead.

The most important thing in establishing your back to school routine is finding an activity that your kids will enjoy doing. They’re more likely to stick to an activity if it’s something they get excited about. A good amount of outdoor, unstructured play will help the kids adjust to their back to school schedule faster and keep them happy and healthy.

Are you prepared for the next school holidays? Trampolines provide hours of fun for the whole family!

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