Support for Generation 1 Models

From July 2010, we introduced a range of new technologies, renamed our product family, and rebranded our line with the release of our Generation 2 products.

A number of factors were behind this update:

  1. We had made a range of incremental upgrades to components and sub-assemblies over the past 6 years, and it was time to reflect this in the formal launch of an updated product line that aggregated all the changes in to a new product variant.
  2. We had added a range of new sizes to our line, and continued to review our shapes. We’ve also continued to develop our proprietary rod technology. As we did this, we realised we needed to update our original naming convention. Historically our model numbers referred to the number of rods in each design, and that reflected a natural size progression from smallest to largest. As we continue to engineer the best bounce experience, the number of rods we use in each model is no longer directly proportional to its size or relative position in our model line. Our new names are based on the square footage of each models mat. This means our “Gen 2” and above model names appropriately reflect the models relative order in ascending size. Makes sense right!

Rest assured - if you own one of our original SF Models, you can still receive product support and you can still purchase spare parts for your trampoline.

If you require spare parts for the following models, please call the number provided on our contact page (limited parts available):

  • SF40
  • SF60
  • SF72
  • SF68
  • SF90
  • SF80