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Measure Your Yard Service

Choosing which Springfree® Trampoline model best suits your family is often influenced by the size and shape of your yard. How much space is available? Is there a safe lateral and vertical clearance? What is the gradient of the ground?

Our Measure Your Yard Service is more than just a tape measure service! It takes the guesswork out and offers you a convenient, affordable, and easy way to discover which Springfree models will suit your yard.

To ensure safe installation of your new Springfree, our installer can only complete installation if the space meets the following conditions:

  • Flat, even and solid ground
  • Safe lateral clearance space of 1.5m on all sides of the Springfree
  • Minimum height clearance of 6m (from the ground up) from all hard surfaces – e.g. over-hanging branches, cables, roofing, or power lines.
  • Clean and free of obstacles and debris.

How it works:

Our Measure Your Yard Service is just $80 and is deducted as a rebate if you proceed with a subsequent Springfree Trampoline purchase.

To book, call 1800 586 772 or visit an Experience Centre.

Measure Your Yard booking and purchase rebate not available online.