Installation Videos

Are you installing your Springfree Trampoline yourself?

Good for you! Springfree™ Trampoline is supplied as a kit set, designed to be installed by handy Mums and Dads. We have some helpful tips to ensure installation runs smoothly. Take the time to read through this page and watch the instructional videos - we are sure you’ll find them helpful.

For successful installation we recommend:

  • Two people working together
  • Set aside at least two hours to complete installation
  • Follow the instruction manual carefully. It outlines the most efficient and effective method for successful installation
  • View the installation videos which demonstrate step-by-step how to carry out the installation
  • It’s more about technique than strength. If you have to use excessive force it’s likely your technique is incorrect and you may break something or injure yourself. Please check your technique and review the tips in the video - they really help.
We are here to help

If you get stuck and need some help, we’re here! We have after hours phone support available every day (except for Christmas Day). Or you can talk to us through online chat.

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