Australia’s Safest Trampoline

Ten Australian leading market trampoline brands were tested by Consumer Group CHOICE® against the Australian Safety Standards (AS 4989:2015).

Springfree was the only one to pass and for a third time in a row. An accolade no other trampoline brand has achieved.

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The Only One to Pass the Safety Test

Only the Springfree Trampoline (Medium Round) had no safety failures. The other 9 trampolines tested either failed structural tests, didn’t protect the user from impact on the frame or enclosure, or had dangerous head entrapment problems or pinch points.

"Our trampoline safety tests look at how children can use the product in real life as well as how the trampoline performs if you follow all safety instructions," says CHOICE® testing expert, Chris Barnes. "We look at what can happen if children bounce against the enclosure net or land hard on the padding."

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The Best Trampoline Tested

   Overall, the best trampoline tested.

   Strong Structural Integrity

   Excellent Bounce Quality

   No Impact Hazards

   No Pinch Points

   No Crush Points

   No Possible Head Entrapment

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Meeting Safety Standards

CHOICE® tests trampolines to the Australian standard (AS 4989:2015) which are not mandatory.

"Unfortunately, the current Australian standard for trampolines is only voluntary, which means manufacturers are not required by law to meet it," says CHOICE® testing expert, Chris Barnes.

Springfree is supporting the call for a General Safety Provision – a law that puts the onus on manufacturers and retailers to ensure their products are safe before they're available to purchase.

You can join the call for better product safety laws at

Customer Verified

Springfree families love Springfree for its safety and quality features.

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