The only trampoline to pass the Australian Safety Standard tested by CHOICE®

The Springfree Trampoline tested by CHOICE® (Medium Round) proved to be the safest. It's the ONLY trampoline that's recommended by CHOICE®

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Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline recommended by Consumer Group CHOICE®. The Springfree Trampoline Medium Round was tested among 8 trampoline brands against the Australian Standards (AS 4989:2015), and was the only trampoline of all 8 brands to pass the safety tests.

The Best Trampoline Tested

   Passed all structural, impact and safety tests.

   The frame and enclosure are strong and durable.

   Good protection from any impacts against the frame, mat, and enclosure.

   No significant entrapment hazards on the trampoline.

   Overall, the best trampoline tested.

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The Safest Trampoline Tested

CHOICE® Recommended and Parent Recommended

See why Springfree is the safest.

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No Major Safety Failures

“Springfree is the only model Consumer NZ is recommending from the seven trampolines in its latest test.” - Consumer NZ General Manager, Derek Bonnar

Only the Springfree Trampoline had no major safety failures. The other 6 trampoline tested either failed structural tests, didn’t protect the user from impact on the frame or enclosure, or had dangerous head entrapment problems or pinch points.

Amongst the trampolines tested, a number of prominent brands that are promoted as designed for safety were shown not to be safe.