Your Perfect Fit: Choosing the Best Trampoline for Your Family & Backyard

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Your Perfect Fit: Choosing the Best Trampoline for Your Family & Backyard

So you’ve decided the family needs a trampoline – fantastic! But with so many sizes available, how do you decide which one is right for you? Will it be too big for the yard? Will it be big enough for the kids? 

With a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, there’s a Springfree Trampoline that’s the perfect fit for every family and backyard, with prices starting from just $999! We’ve provided this helpful guide to assist with the choosing process.

No Springs = More Jumping Space

One of the amazing benefits of the Springfree Trampoline, is the extra jumping space you get but having no springs on the side! For example, the jumping surface of our 1.8m Mini Round trampoline, the smallest of the Springfree family, has the equivalent jumping space to that of a 2.3m round trampoline with springs… meaning you get more bounce for your buck!

So what are your needs as a family? We’ve broken down our recommendations by size and family requirements.

Small Family? Little Jumpers? Low on Space?

Are you a city dweller with little space to spare? Have little jumpers, eager to have a go? Or maybe space is tight but quality is a must. For little jumpers, small backyards or smaller families, one of our three smallest models will be the perfect fit for you – the Mini Round, the Compact Round, or the Compact Oval.

Our Picks: Smaller Backyards

We have a fantastic range to suit small spaces and beginner jumpers. 

The Mini Round is the smallest in dimensions, so if you’ve got a really small space such as a patio, it’s likely the best fit. It is also perfect for beginner jumpers and at a great entry level price point of $999.

The Compact Round is the next step up but still perfect for compact yards or spaces and ideal for little jumpers.  

The Compact Oval is our smallest oval model that suits small and narrow spaces. Similar in size to the Small Round, the Compact Oval is best suited to beginner jumpers.




Mini Round

1.8 m

2.8 sqm / 30 sqft

Compact Oval

1.8 m x 2.7 m

4.4 sqm / 47 sqft

Compact Round

2.4 m / 8 ft diameter

5 sqm / 54 sqft

Have a little bit more space or slightly older children?

Our series of Medium trampolines have been designed with this in mind.  Most homes have a little bit of yard and your children need/like a bit more space to flex their jumping muscles!

Our Picks: Medium Backyards

The Medium Round is a great all-rounder. It presents more jumping space than the Compact Round for older kids if you can fit it. It’s a great pick for families with jumpers of all ages, and a good pick for active bouncers.

If your backyard is long and narrow, the Medium Oval has been designed for you! Designed to fit narrow backyards, the oval models are great for families with more than one child, or for kids who love gymnastics. Our oval models have two points on the trampoline that the jumper can get the highest bounce (where the round models have one).




Medium Round

3 m / 10 ft diameter

7.3 sqm / 79 sqft

Medium Oval

2.4 x 3.4 m / 8 x 11 ft diameter

7.3 sqm / 77 sqft

Big Family? Large Backyard? High-Energy Kids?

If you’ve got a big backyard with room to spare, a large family, high-energy kids or little gymnasts, one of our larger Springfree Trampoline models will be perfect for you. The Large Oval, Large Square and Jumbo Round!

Our Picks: Larger Backyards

Our Large Oval is great for long, narrow backyards with a little more room, and is highly popular for kids who do gymnastics as well as families with more than one child. The Large Oval has two places the jumper can get the highest bounce, and plenty of room – which is why it’s so popular for families with more than one child, or little gymnasts!

If you’ve got a big backyard with space to spare, our Large Square and Jumbo Round are the largest of the Springfree range, with plenty of glorious bouncing space! These trampolines are designed for large yards and children (and adults) of all ages. These are great for big families and high-energy jumpers.




Large Oval

2.4 x 4.0 m / 8 x 13 ft diameter

9.5 sqm / 92 sqft

Large Square

3.4 x 3.4 m / 11 x 11 ft diameter

10.5sqm / 113 sqft

Jumbo Round

3.9 m / 13 x 13 ft diameter

12.6 sqm

Which Will You Choose?

Whether space is tight or you’ve got space to spare, you’ll want to choose the best possible fit for your backyard and family.

Choosing which Springfree Trampoline model best suits your family is often influenced by the size and shape of your backyard.

If you’re ever unsure or concerned about the size or shape of your backyard, we’re here to help ensure you select the perfect Springfree for your family.

We have a couple of resources to assist you. 

Experience Centres

If you are located in either Sydney, Melbourne or Sunshine Coast, you can head along to an Experience Centre to see different sizes in person. We also have various displays throughout the country.

Augmented Reality

Our unique Augmented Reality (AR) tool makes the process simple. Simply select the trampoline you're interested in, on your phone and through the AR tool, you will be able to see how it looks in your backyard. You can learn more here.

Measure Your Yard Service

Alternatively, book your FREE backyard assessment now by completing the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch to assist with making your decision.


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