Why is Springfree Trampoline Worth the Investment?

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Why is Springfree Trampoline Worth the Investment?

For some parents, there’s no substitute for peace of mind. With the Springfree patented design eliminating 90% of product related trampoline injuries, you can be sure that your kids are right outside your home, being active and jumping safely on the World’s Safest Trampoline. For other parents, it’s that the Springfree Trampoline components contribute to a product that lasts. The Springfree warranty covers every component for a full 10 years and every trampoline is engineered to withstand all seasons. Lastly, a Springfree is a place for families to spend time together, exercise and enjoy fun, safe play for years and years. But don’t take our word for it… Here are 10 reasons Springfree Trampoline owners say the World’s Safest Trampoline is worth the investment. I would recommend this trampoline to anyone… well worth the extra cost! We purchased our Large

Oval the summer of 2019! It's been great for the whole family. I love the peace of mind that there aren't any springs and the netting catches the kids too. They enjoy playing on the trampoline especially when cousins come over. So fun in the summer! We have even enjoyed it with our many snowstorms, jumping in our snow pants & boots! I would recommend Springfree Trampoline to anyone… well worth the extra cost! – Tina, Denver, CO The trampoline has proven to be the most fun item in our backyard. We had considered many different trampolines, but wanted to get a quality trampoline with the features Springfree Trampoline offered.

The online buying process was convenient, simple, and we had no issues. From purchase to delivery, Springfree kept us well-informed with information and phone calls to share the status. On the day of delivery, the two installers arrived early and had the trampoline setup in 45 minutes. That was well worth the extra fee to have them set it up. The trampoline has proven to be the most fun item in our backyard. My kids have said they are so glad we got a trampoline and my wife and I are very happy and satisfied we went with Springfree. – Philip, Fort Worth, TX Pricey, but well worth it! I can't say enough amazing things about this trampoline. I was dead set against hideous trampolines since my girls were born, but now they are 10 and 13. They've been asking for one for years. I researched the safest possible models and came up with Springfree. Since then we've used it year-round. One of the kids fav activities is using it in the snow. There even had a sleepover on it with 5 preteens. Who knew!!! It's not an eyesore either like most trampolines. My husband is a former gymnastic and works out on it, too. Pricey, but well worth it! – Gina, Hershey, PA Worth every penny… The quality of the Springfree trampoline is fantastic, and is absolutely engineered perfectly. The kids love it! The bounce is just as good as any other trampoline. We also got the basketball hoop, and it is impressively adjustable, flexible, and worth every penny.

As a former gymnast, I highly recommend. – Crystal, Evergreen, CO This trampoline has brought so much joy to our children. Last year we ordered a Springfree trampoline. This trampoline has brought so much joy to our children. From the countless hours of exercise, to the nights we spend watching shooting stars, an art easel for our chalk drawings, projection movie nights, and now a gathering place for our neighborhood kids again. I can't say enough how grateful my husband and I are for making this purchase. Thank you to Springfree! – Tricia, Washington DC This was a significant investment, but well worthwhile… The Springfree trampoline is everything it's advertised to be - it's extremely high-quality, stable, and much safer than traditional trampolines. My kids have used it almost daily since we got it. The basketball hoop accessory has been great as well. This was a significant investment, but well worthwhile when you consider how much use, fun and peace of mind we're getting from it. – Kurt, Bay Area, CA The first priority in choosing a trampoline is safety and Springfree really delivers.

Last April, I bought one of the Compact Round Trampolines in stock for my grandchildren. It really gave them an energy outlet as schools, parks and play-gyms shut down. One year later, I see so much progress in their balance, as well as core and leg strength, just through play at home in their backyard - no gym necessary! The first priority in choosing a trampoline is safety and Springfree really delivers. It is incredibly sturdy and thoroughly engineered for safe use.

Another plus is the beautifully design that makes it an attractive addition to the backyard, and it looks like new after a year of exposure to the elements. Springfree is not inexpensive, but the safety and well-being of our children is not a place to pinch pennies. A cheap trampoline is not a bargain if there are injuries or it is a disintegrating eyesore at the end of a season. Delivery was seamless! I can't wait to buy a larger one for them next year! – Lynn, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA I look forward to having my son use this for many years to come. I purchased my Springfree trampoline in September and there's not a day that has gone by that it hasn't been used. Unless it's extremely rainy out. My 12-year-old son gets out there for 30 minutes or more most days and jumps and plays basketball with his buddies. He likes to have one of his friends video and then post to YouTube.

Even his older buddies come over and love playing with him. It's amazing how much exercise he gets out of the trampoline. The strong bounce along with the net makes this trampoline superior. So glad we purchased this product. We did pay the extra bucks for the company to come out and set up the trampoline. It was so worth it. I look forward to having my son use this for many years to come. – Doug, Seattle, WA So, I did some research… My daughters are 13 and 8. As an ex-Emergency Medicine Physician, the last thing I thought I would ever purchase would be a trampoline. The girls' argument was very compelling ("WE WILL GET A TRAMPOLINE OR WE WILL WHINE A LOT", was the gist of it). So, I did some research. Springfree seemed well thought out and well thought of. The engineering answered the questions and objections I had with other trampolines.

This choice was a great one. – David, suburbs of Chicago, IL After 7 years, we've been SUPER pleased. We have had out Springfree Trampoline for about seven years now and it's been one of the best purchases we ever made as parents. We tested all of the Springfree models at a store. Our kids are now 14 and 8 and every year we have tons of fun bouncing in the trampoline, jumping in the summer, or just laying down on it under the clouds or stars. The kids also make a lot of other uses, including building forts, or just bringing out blankets and reading with stuffed animals. My wife and I also love going out and bouncing. By far playing hoops is our favorite. It makes for a great fun space to chat with your kids about their day. I also love that we can use the trampoline in the cold, rainy season. After 7 years, we've been SUPER pleased. We live in the city and have a small yard, and the 11' model fits nicely on our yard. We roll the trampoline onto our patio with the little wheels that Springfree sells each week when we mow the yard. It's effortless to move. The trampoline has not needed any repairs, but we've added little upgrades. One year we added LED Christmas lights to the outside of the trampoline to make it fun for jumping in the evenings after school. I highly recommend the product. - The Hays Family, USA 

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