Why Dads Are Just The Best

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Why Dads Are Just The Best

At Springfree, we're all about family. That's why Father's Day is so special to us. In celebration of Fathers Day, we reflect on all the things that we love about our Dads. 


They're funny

Dads are almost always funny. They just seem to have a knack for making us laugh! And they love being 'the funny guy'. Family dinners, reunions and special occasions they're always on fire, and will have everyone laughing and loving it. At the most unsuspected of times, they'll say something that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. And it's normally when you need it most.

They make us feel safe

Remember creeping into Mum & Dads room as a kid when you heard the crack of thunder? Dad counting with you, reassuring you the lightning was far away? Our Dads always have a way of making us feel safe, and they're always protective of their young cubs - even when those cubs are grown. 


They're lame and we love it

"This chicken is a bit fowl," "hello hungry, how are you..." There's a reason they're called 'dad jokes' - but we all secretly love them! Some  of the one-liners make is roll our eyes but there's something about dads that makes them always crack us up. 


They always know what to say

Whether it's one of the famous dad one-liners to make you laugh when you're upset, or reassuring down-to-earth words of wisdom and support, our dads always seem to know what to say when it matters. And they're great listeners. 


They'll stick by us

Whether you're 'daddy's little girl' or his 'main man', he'll stick by you, he'll defend you and he'll be ready to hit you with his 'hilarious' jokes. 

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