Trampoline Park Injury Statistics: What You Need to Know

Discover the latest trampoline park injury statistics. Learn expert safety tips to protect your family. Stay informed and stay safe!

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Trampoline Park Injury Statistics: What You Need to Know

Trampoline parks are a popular place for kids and adults alike to have fun and get exercise.  

However, trampoline parks can be dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and others, there are roughly 100,000 trampoline-related injuries treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year. 

Not all of these occur on backyard trampolines, though. Trampoline parks also pose injury risks for your children and it’s important that you learn about them. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the latest trampoline park injury statistics and tips for staying safe while jumping. We will also discuss the different types of trampoline park injuries and their causes. 

By understanding the risks associated with trampoline parks, you can help keep you and your loved ones safe! 

Key Trampoline Park Injury Statistics 

Here is the latest verifiable data on trampoline park injuries: 

Trampoline Park Injuries 

  • 34% of trampoline injuries occur at trampoline parks. 
  • 55% of trampoline park injuries result in fractures or dislocations. 
  • 7,000-15,000 ER visits are reported each year at trampoline parks. 
  • 75% of all trampoline injuries are suffered when multiple children are jumping at the same time.  
  • 6 reported trampoline park deaths have occurred. 

Trampoline Park Injuries vs. Backyard Trampoline Injuries 

  • Trampoline parks are associated with more severe injuries than backyard trampolines. 
  • Lower extremity injuries are more common at trampoline parks than on backyard trampolines. 
  • 9% of trampoline park injuries require hospitalization, compared to 5.2% on backyard trampolines. 
  • Trampoline park injuries are 1.7 times more likely to result in an ER visit and longer hospital stays than backyard trampoline injuries. 
  • Children are more than twice as likely to suffer musculoskeletal and/or orthopedic injuries at a trampoline park. 
  • Sprains are 61% more likely at trampoline parks. 
  • 59% of trampoline park injuries are leg fractures. 

Sources: Policygenius, National Library of Medicine, William Rawlings & Associates, CBS News, British Medical Journal, Trampoline Park Lawsuits, NPR. 

SkyZone Trampoline Park, courtesy of SkyZone: 

Multiple people jumping at SkyZone Trampoline Park.

Are Trampoline Parks Safe? 

The trampoline park injury statistics confirm that trampoline parks can be dangerous.  

But, just like a backyard trampoline, there are safety rules you can follow to help mitigate your risk of injury. We have used our trampoline expertise to provide you with some general rules to follow when attending a trampoline park. 

18 Trampoline Park Safety Tips 

Here are some general rules to follow when attending a trampoline park: 

  1. Follow trampoline park rules at all times. 
  2. Listen closely to instructions provided by park staff (especially if doing a special activity – like the foam pit!) 
  3. Note any age/size restrictions the park has.  
  4. Space yourself properly from other jumpers. 
  5. Supervise your children at all times.  
  6. Stretch before jumping.  
  7. Wear appropriate attire, like non-slip socks (you should be able to get them at the park.) 
  8. Remove jewelry and loose items in your pocket. 
  9. No flips or stunts unless you are trained.  
  10. Avoid roughhousing and reckless behavior.  
  11. Don’t sit or lie down on the mat.  
  12. Stay away from the edges of the mat.  
  13. Use designated exit points instead of jumping off. 
  14. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! 
  15. Report unsafe conditions or unruly behavior.  
  16. Familiarize yourself with the park’s emergency procedures.  
  17. Listen to your body: If you need a break, take it! 
  18. Go whenever the park is typically not as busy (weekdays are better). 

Trampoline Park vs. Backyard Trampolines 

If you’re interested in attending a trampoline park, then you are looking for a fun place to bounce. 

Trampoline Park Pros and Cons  

Pros of Trampoline Parks:  

  • Smaller upfront cost 
  • Ideal for hosting parties/events 
  • A variety of available activities 
  • Food and drinks are offered 

Cons of Trampoline Parks:  

  • Can get crowded 
  • Safety and hygiene concerns 
  • Commute is required 
  • Costs can add up with multiple visits 

Multiple people jumping in mid-air at a trampoline park.

Photo courtesy of SkyZone. 

Backyard Trampoline Pros and Cons 

Pros of Backyard Trampolines:  

  • Convenient and accessible 
  • Private and within your control 
  • Enjoy the outdoors 
  • Permanent backyard structure 
  • Potential long-term cost savings  

Cons of Backyard Trampolines: 

  • Higher short-term cost 
  • Requires adequate backyard space 
  • Safety concerns require attention 
  • Installation and maintenance responsibilities  

A child jumping on a Springfree Large Square Trampoline. Springfree Large Square Trampoline. 

    Is the Trampoline Park Right for You? 

    Trampoline parks can certainly provide a lot of joy, but there are risks. A trampoline park might be best served as an every-now-and-then event due to safety and cost concerns.    

    If the trampoline park injury statistics have you concerned or you’re seeking a permanent bouncing solution, a backyard trampoline might be a better fit.  

    At Springfree Trampoline, safety is our utmost priority. That’s why we created springless trampolines that eliminate 90% of product-related injuries. They are also the longest-lasting trampolines, backed by a 10-year warranty.   

    We have previously used our expertise to give you an honest, expert, opinion on whether a backyard trampoline is worth it for you.   

    Check it out, “Should You Buy a Trampoline? | Honest Analysis,” and see if a trampoline is a better solution than a trampoline park for your family! 



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