Top Activities to do When its Too Hot Outside

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Top Activities to do When its Too Hot Outside

We live in Australia and in Australia, sometimes summer is just too hot to be bothered going outside. Because outside, there’s sweat. And bugs. And so much hot sun. 

So, if today is one of those days, here are some suggestions for things you can do to keep the kids entertained without having to have the iPad on 24/7.

Set up camp / Build a Fort.

We all love camping in the outdoors but when the outdoors is a scorching 38ºC the shine of being outdoors melts very quickly.  So set up camp at home, in the air conditioning! Get the blankets, pillows, chairs and whatever else you need to create an awesome fort / tent and enjoy storytelling, card games and staying cool!

>> When it isn't too hot, we have some great tips on creating an easy camping adventure in your backyard!

two kids in a Camp-Fort

While you’re at it, have an indoor picnic!

Pile up the cushions around a low table for a memorable living-room picnic – who needs a park?  Enjoy all those yummy picnic snacks, clear a space in the living room (and put valuables away) to play a few games.

Picnic setup

Image Source: Pinterest

Or better yet, create an indoor obstacle course.

The kids will be desperate to let out some energy so give them an indoor agility challenge to complete. Set up couch cushions as barriers to jump over, hang swinging keys from the ceiling to dodge, and tape string back and forth across hallways to create a laser maze. You can even ask them to invent their own courses to keep both their bodies and their minds busy.

a kid under the chair

While, ideally we would keep technology to a minimum, a movie marathon for yourself and the kids is always a winner.  Do this right, the old-fashioned way, with popcorn, soft drinks and even milkshakes.

Even better, get the kids behind the camera to make movies.

If your kids secretly want to be YouTube stars, this is a great way to get them started on their road to internet stardom. They can write scripts or improvise, play pranks, open gifts—whatever theme interests them. Then you can use an app like VivaVideo or iMovie to cut and paste it into a viral-worthy clip.

kid with craft box

Get the kids’ creativity going with a craft box.  Their imaginations can run wild with their creations.  Whether they create their own board games, or props for their movie, or wall paintings for their the box and see what magic is created!

Create a festive cubby house

This can be done in the attic, under the stairs, in a spare room or just in your bedroom if no other options are available. No matter how old you are, cubby houses are always a good idea.  Deck it out with lights, make some colourful bunting and of course, give it a name.

Make ice blocks
Make yummy, healthy ice blocks in moulds with summer fruit, juice and sparkling water, or make creamier versions from coconut milk or yoghurt.

Ice Blocks popcicles

Hopefully there aren't too many days this summer that you can't get out and enjoy the fresh air and nature but we hope that for those days when it's just too darn hot, that these ideas help you and the kids get through!

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