Top 15 Ways to Spend Summer Nights with the Kids

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Top 15 Ways to Spend Summer Nights with the Kids

One of the most enjoyable things about summer is the longer daylight hours.  Knowing that, when you finish work or whatever day-time activities you have, you still have plenty more hours in your day to spend with friends and/or family.  And with summer in Australia getting hotter as each year passes, there are just some things better left to those later, cooler hours of the day. 

Here are our top 15 ways to make the most of these dreamy summer nights!

1. Take a Sunset Stroll

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country, by the coast or in the suburbs; a leisurely stroll is always a perfect way to enjoy a warm summer evening. Nature will be bustling amongst the grass and the trees, and the dappled sunlight will transform any street or path into a beautiful scene. Perfect for those Insta-snaps.

a mom and kid walking under the sunset

2. Dine Al Fresco

There’s something about dining al fresco that evokes a holiday spirit, so live like you’re in the Mediterranean and enjoy your food in the fresh, summer air. Whether you’re cooking for two or hosting friends and family, create a lively atmosphere with simple sharing dishes.

fruits and plates at the table

3. Enjoy Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor swimming pools often offer late night opening throughout the summer months, allowing you to go for an open-air swim as late as you like, so grab your swimsuits and go for a dip as the sun sets over the rippling water.

Springfree Trampolines are great for exercise for kids and adults alike and during these summer nights, you have ample hours of cooler daylight to spend with the kids getting active.

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4. Outdoor Cinema

What could be more relaxing than watching a film on a warm summer’s evening… When the choice is sitting in a stuffy cinema or under the stars to watch a movie, it isn’t really a hard decision.

Set up your Springfree Trampoline (or backyard) with a sheet and projector.  Be sure to add plenty of pillows, blankets, deck chairs and hanging up lanterns to set the mood.  Invite neighbours and friends and provide some old school snacks or channel that holiday feel with tapas.

Or check out if your local community will be running any Outdoor Cinema events throughout the summer and head along with a picnic enjoying your favourite blockbusters alfresco.

See more ways you can use your trampoline here.

a mom and kids inside the trampoline watching on improvised screen

5. Channel Your Inner Child with Your Child

Your interests have probably evolved since you were a youngster, but that doesn’t mean what you did as a kid isn’t still a blast. So invoke your inner 11-year-old, borrow the kids’ cricket set and head out with family for some classic backyard fun. You’ll be smiling ear to ear with memories of your childhood… just try to keep the competitiveness to a minimum, if you can!

Kids playing cricket in the backyard

Image Source: Courier Mail

6. Hit the nearest water park

Several water parks will have twilight sessions throughout the summer, so if you live nearby or are holidaying near one… get your swimmers on and be sure to go down the biggest slide at least once.

7. Lawn Mowing…

Stay with us here… We all know that lawn mowing is best done in cooler temperatures but why not make it fun and get the kids involved! Mow the kid’s names into the lawn or mow a maze for the kids and chase them through it (once the lawn mower is safely away, of course).

Lawn Mowing

8. Get out with the Dog

There are plenty of dog parks around or areas that are dog friendly in the evenings only and your furry pal will appreciate a run around when the sun isn’t quite so hot! So grab a Frisbee or a ball and head to the park with your dog.

>> Take a look at the best Secret Dog Parks for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

a dog playing

9. Crack out the Board Games

Do you remember those summer holidays when TVs, tablets and phones weren’t part of our day to day and definitely not part of our ‘evening entertainment’? Board games and cards played a big part in those evenings. So why not get the kids away from the devices and into some of the family favourites – be wary of Monopoly though!

10. Camping in the Backyard

Turn your Springfree into a giant bed or pitch a tent in the backyard and create a backyard camping experience. Completely unplug and do all your favourite activities that you’d do camping such as roasting marshmallows (as long as there is no fire ban), storytelling, flashlight games, watching the stars and spending quality time together.

>> We have more tips on creating an easy camping adventure 

11. Enjoy a family picnic

Whether in your back yard or at your local park. Pack up a picnic with all your favourite snacks and picnic meals and head out with the family. Take a ball or Frisbee to enjoy those longer summer hours. You'll feel nice and relaxed, and the fresh air will help you all get a good night's sleep.

a woman and a kid reading book on a picnic

12. Work on the Green Thumb in your Garden

Like most things, gardens are happier being tended to and watered when the temperature isn’t scorching and it’s much easier to spend time in the garden when the mercury is a bit lower. And if you love growing your own veges, as they harvest, you can grill them on the BBQ with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon!

a kid in the garden

13. Cool off with a Pool Party

If you are lucky enough to have a pool – why not invite friends, family and neighbours over for a pool party. Get the BBQ grilling, hang up some festoon lighting and decorations and get all the fun floaties out on the water. For a bit more fun or if you don’t have a pool, create a slip n slide and see the inner child come out of most of the parents! Lay down some plastic tarp, keep the hose running, add a touch of washing liquid and you have guaranteed hours of fun!

lifesaver in a pool

14. Break out the Mocktails!

Bars have now taken to serving cocktails in jars these days. Why pay an extortionate amount elsewhere when you can do your own home-style drinks? Make and serve your own mocktails for the kids and cocktails for the adults, in anything you can get your hands on! Jam jars, teacups and teapots will make for a fun cocktail evening with a twist.


15. Have a sandcastle competition

Live by the beach? Have a sandcastle competition! Get the creativity going amongst the family – and the competitive spirit – and see the joy in everyone watching their castles come to life.

a boy making Sandcastles

There's no denying that the list could keep going!  If you have any ideas of things you like to do through these summer months, in the evening, we'd love to hear about them!  Connect with us on Facebook or  Instagram to let us know

We have loads of helpful ideas to get you and the kids through these summer months!  Just head along to Beyond the Bounce to get started!

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