The Top 10 Hiding Places for your Springfree Surprise!

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The Top 10 Hiding Places for your Springfree Surprise!

Nothing beats the excitement of a grand TRAMPOLINE reveal on Christmas morning.  Seeing the pure joy and surprised delight on little faces. We've put together our top 10 hiding place suggestions for your Springfree, to help you keep the surprise alive! 

But before we reveal our top 10 hiding places, be sure to order your trampoline in plenty of time to avoid the Christmas rush and guarantee you have the surprise to hide! We also recommend knowing exactly where you’re going to hide the boxes before they arrive! 

How much hiding space will you need?

Your Springfree Trampoline comes flat packed in boxes. This helpful chart will give you an idea of how much room you’ll need to hide and lift your trampoline packaging. 

Keep in mind, Springfree boxes are brown but they do have an image of the trampoline on them! So keep an eye out for that delivery man and make sure inquisitive eyes are away from the front door.

Top Tip: Have some large stickers or paper ready so you can cover up those trampoline images straight away! 

Our Top 10 Hiding Places: 1. In the garage or the shed

How long since you've cleaned out your shed or garage? Exactly! Your garage, carport, garden shed or tool shed is the ideal spot for your Springfree Trampoline boxes. Simply cover them with a tarp or an old sheet, then stack a few boxes and other items on top of and in front of the hidden trampoline boxes. Make sure you add boring, old stuff that's been around a while (and doesn't get played with). The kids will never suspect there's something new and exciting underneath! The harder you make it for little people to get to, the better - never forget how good these little eyes are at finding (and ruining) those hidden pressies.

2. With the neighbour

We love this one! It’s the perfect time of year to call in that favour from your friendly neighbour. Ask them if you can store the boxes in their garage or shed - and remember to cover them up just in case the kids go for a visit. Even if the kids accidentally see it when it's at a neighbour's house, it can easily be explained away by your neighbour. Phew! If you check with them first, you could also have it delivered to the neighbour's house, in case the kids are home when it is delivered. Just be sure to include really clear delivery instructions when you place your order.

3. The boat, caravan or a storage unit

If you have someone who can help you lift the boxes into the boat or caravan (and you’re not planning a camping or fishing trip between now and Christmas) this might be another good option for a secret hiding spot. The boat shed is another great option if you have one, or if you rent a storage box or unit, that makes a great hiding place too! If you have a pool, and your pool pump is covered with a housing unit, you can also hide it there! Remember to think outside of the box! 

4. With the grandparents

Most grandparents have a little extra space to help keep the Springfree secret until Christmas day (or Christmas Eve), in fact they’ll probably love joining in on the secret! Just hide the boxes away in an 'out of bounds' or 'boring' part of the house, and the kids will be 'none the wiser'. If you do store it at the grandparents' house, you can even have it delivered there. Just make sure you're really clear and include it in the delivery instructions when you place your order.

5. Under the house

Most of us forget we even have space under the house!  It's dark, it's scary, and it makes the perfect hiding spot – just be sure to make sure you can get to it again when you need to - taking the weight of the boxes into consideration.

6. Wrapped up in wrapping paper

It sounds obvious, but wrapping your Springfree Trampoline boxes as soon as they arrive will ensure the kids won't see the surprise before you're ready. All the above hiding places still apply, but you'll know you're safe and secure by wrapping it! And the best thing – the kids won't guess there's a huge trampoline in those compact, flat-packed boxes! You can wrap it with Christmas wrapping paper, or a cheap alternative like brown butcher's paper or newspaper. Or for extra security, why not both?! Most little kids would not even imagine a trampoline would come in a box - providing the perfect cover!

An alternative is to cover the box pictures and writing with big stickers, or big pieces of paper - so they won't know what they're looking at if they do see a big brown box somewhere.

Top tip: If you want to take the attention away from the trampoline box, wrap some other gifts in various shapes and sizes (or fake decoy gifts like empty shoeboxes and clean plastic boxes) and place them nearby. That should throw them off the scent!

7. Under the cover of night 

For the ultimate reveal on Christmas morning, setting up your Springfree on Christmas Eve is a sure way to get the ultimate reaction from your kids (and ensure they can get bouncing straight away)! If you get a few mates around to help put your Springfree up after the kids have gone to bed, or leave the kids with family during the day, you'll have little trouble keeping the kids away from the backyard until Christmas morning. It's a good thing Santa doesn't come when kids are awake - so you know they'll stay in bed! 

8. One you prepared earlier (using shifting wheels) 

Our Springfree Trampoline Shifting Wheels make moving your trampoline around easy! If you have an inconspicuous area in the backyard, and can find about 3 hours spare to set it up while the kids are away, you can assemble your Springfree then wheel it away into a hidden area until it's time for the big reveal. Add some tarps or big sheets to cover it for added safety. On Christmas morning, or late on Christmas leave while everyone is asleep, you can wheel your Springfree back into place! If you have a garden shed, boat shed or similar in your backyard, you can hide the Springfree away inside, with a padlock to keep your kiddies out of the area once you've set it up! If they ask why the door is locked, have an excuse prepared like "we had to put rat poison down, so it's a bit dangerous in there at the moment to go in there". 

9. At work!

Most workplaces understand the struggle parents have with keeping their Christmas surprises a secret! Check with them ahead of time, and you can store your Springfree boxes somewhere safe and out of the way (like a storage room) until it's time for the big reveal. If you only tell management it's there, and cover it with something, you'll also know it will be safe until it's time to take it home. 

10. Mum & Dads' room, or 'boring' cupboards

If you have a walk in wardrobe, or plenty of room under your bed, you can hide your Springfree Trampoline there. Make sure it's covered, so if the kids explore and find boxes, they won't see what's written on them. Ideally, like the garage, you'd want to surround the boxes with other items which are not interesting at all. Like 'boring grown up' books, laundry baskets - anything really that you would normally store in these areas that the kids won't think twice about exploring. 

If you've got big linen closets, or other 'boring' cupboards in the laundry or anywhere else that stores things like cleaning products, rugs and sheets, or other things your kids never show an interest in, you can hide your boxes there. Be sure to check out how much weight the shelves can safely take first, unless you're hiding it at ground level. 

We hope these tips help you pull off the ULTIMATE surprise this Christmas. Happy hiding! When you see the look on those excited little faces, it will all be worth it! 

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