Top 10 Fun Backyard Toys Kids Love

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Top 10 Fun Backyard Toys Kids Love

Do you remember running around the backyard with not a care in the world? That feeling of freedom as you sprinted, hopped and jumped around the yard kicking a ball, soaking your friends with a water pistol and bouncing on the trampoline. Remember how good that felt?

Outside play not only allows our kids to create precious childhood memories but it also aids in their development by providing them the opportunity to explore, take risks, learn and grow. Sadly, outdoor play is being replaced by excessive TV and computer use, increased academic pressure, unsafe neighbourhoods and overworked parents.

Kids don’t need much to be entertained. The simplest toys and activities can result in a lifetime of memories, a cure for boredom, an excuse for exercise and most of all, laughter.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 backyard toys every kid needs to own.

1. Springfree Trampoline

A trampoline is the ultimate backyard toy and is a feature of childhood memories for many Australians. Every kid wishes they had one, or wants to know someone who owns one. Hours of fun  can be had on a trampoline from little jumpers just developing their coordinator to teenagers clearing their minds between study sessions. Trampolines are a great source of entertainment and now, with new designs like Springfree, they’re also safe.  

2. Skipping Rope

Singles, doubles, double-dutch... whatever the mood, skipping is a great way to burn some energy and get some squeals of delight emerging from your young ones. If you have a few kids, you can set up little challenges for them to keep them entertained and engaged in the activity for a wee while.

3. Inflatable Waterslide

An instant waterpark in the backyard minus the queues - what more could a kid ask for? Water slides in the backyard are perfect for getting kids moving and having fun. They can be set up using a simple tarpaulin or you can purchase one through a toy store. Just ensure the slope of the yard isn’t too steep and that the barriers at the end are safe.     

4. Ball

There is nothing simpler than a ball when it comes to backyard play. A ball of some form is usually a child’s first toy and perhaps this is why kids love them so much. The great thing about a ball is that it’s just as much fun to play with on your own as it is with siblings or friends.   

5. Water Pistols 

Who doesn’t like a water fight on a hot summer’s day? In the pool or running around the backyard, water pistols are an inexpensive and hilarious way to spend the afternoon. It’s a win-win situation - the kids get to cool down, run around and use their imagination - all in the safety of your own backyard.  

6. Bikes, Scooters & Skateboards

Regardless of whether it’s a bike, scooter or skateboard, kids go nuts for anything with wheels! Whether it’s the excitement of conquering a new trick, learning to ride for the first time or just cruising around the house - a bike, scooter or skateboard is another staple of childhood memories.

7. Bucket and Spade

The garden is a magnificent fairytale land for young children where they can explore and discover new experiences, sensations and even tastes (if your herb garden is up to scratch!). A bucket and spade can go a long way in keeping children entertained throughout the week or on the weekends. Start a herb garden (if you haven’t already), plant a tree or create a flower bed. You’ll be surprised how captivated your children will be.  

8. Bug Catcher & Magnifying Glass

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The backyard is full of new and interesting creatures just waiting to be discovered. A simple bug catching kit (or just an ice cream container) and magnifying glass is a fascinating way for children to learn about the environment around them. Kids have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the backyard with these toys.

9. Frisbee

Learning to play - especially catching - a frisbee requires skill, hand eye coordination and lots of running. Frisbee is perfect for kids in backyards and can be a fun and inexpensive way for children to develop their landing skills and balance.   

10. Bubble Machine

The magic of bubbles! This is the happiest backyard fun – especially for the littlies. Big, small and shaped bubbles can all be created easily at a low cost but with maximum impact. It’s hard not to smile when playing with bubbles.

Regardless of what backyard toy kids choose to play with, knowing they are safe is always a priority. Springfree Trampoline makes the world’s safest trampoline and can be relied upon for safe, backyard family fun.  If you have a question about trampolines feel free to get in touch.

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