Spring Is Here And Now Is The Time You Should Spring For A Springfree!

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Spring Is Here And Now Is The Time You Should Spring For A Springfree!

We all know how great spring is in Australia! It’s a great time of year where we start to emerge from our winter woollies and get outdoors with the kids, entertain our friends and family around the BBQ, play cricket in the backyard and jump on the trampoline!

However, I’m sure many of you can remember how risky it was jumping on a trampoline in the early 90’s to 2000’s. The number of injuries kids would get; pinching and bruising from the springs, falling through the tear in the mat, double bouncing your little brother off the trampoline (because there was not safety enclosure), eeeeeek!! How did we survive? 

Good news is, trampolines have evolved over that time and safety has been the number one priority. Leading in the market of safety for trampolines is, Springfree Trampoline. Scoring a total of 93% against industry safety standards for trampolines, it’s now the best time to purchase a trampoline for the kids and the kid at heart.

 Here are a few stand out features of a Springfree Trampoline that beats the rest.

SoftEdge Mat – 30 times more shock absorbent than pads, the SoftEdge Mat eliminating hard edges at the jumping surface.

Hidden Frame – The frame has three layers of rust protection that won’t flake or peel. Plus, it’s hidden under the jumping surface where it’s impossible to fall on.

FlexiNet – Our flexible enclosure, cushions jumpers and prevents falls to the ground. Flexible net rods remove the need for hard metal poles that can cause injury.

No Springs – We use flexible composite rods instead of springs, which lie beneath the trampoline jumping surface out of harm’s way.

Not all warranties are equal, the Springfree Trampoline warranty covers every component with a full 10 years. Yes, that’s right, we have a full 10 year warranty on all components: Mat, Rods, Safety Net, Frame, Net Poles, Pads/Soft Edge Mat.

Buying a Springfree Trampoline is a family investment. That’s why our commitment is manufacturing the highest quality product to give you peace of mind. 

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