Not Just a Jumping Castle by Lisa Weightman

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Guest Blog by Lisa Weightman

I’m Lisa Weightman, busy Mum and Aunty, tech girl with 20 years of awesome tech adventures with IBM, creator of the series #InspringTheEveryday, dual Commonwealth Games marathon medallist for Australia and three-time Olympic marathon runner. Let’s hope we make it four-time in 2020 in Tokyo after qualifying just before COVID-19 in Osaka this year! I’m the owner of a Medium Oval Springfree Trampoline with Sports Bundle and the M18 Mini Trampoline and proud of it!

As a young girl my cousins had a trampoline in their backyard. We’d jump for hours to classic hits from John Farnham and Kylie Minogue (stop laughing…). There were no safety nets. The springs were steel and exposed and we’d jump together acting the goat as kids do. As a new parent, I continually find myself asking Mum and Dad “How did you cope? When so many things could’ve injured us back then?” Thanks to Springfree the worst that can happen to my son Pete on the trampoline is a rise in his heart rate if his moves don’t go to plan and he hits the net. It’s great peace of mind to know he can play safely while I am working from home, particularly during this current environment of COVID-19 where we are home day after day.

Over the coming months I’m excited to share snippets of our lives with the Springfree community as my husband and I balance parent, work and athletic life. We were in the midst of preparing for a fourth Olympic Games, in an attempt to make history until COVID-19 hit. I’m attempting to join 3 Australians Lisa Ondieki, Rob De castella and Steve Moneghetti in competing in four Olympic marathons all time. That’s a long career and a life full of travel, adventure, highs and lows and the adventure is not over!

Why did we decide to join the Springfree community you might be wondering? Simple...a Springfree trampoline is not just a jumping castle for kids. It’s so much more. After completing my first rebounding class with my sister last year I was hooked on the benefits. It had been over 25 years since I’d set foot on a trampoline and I couldn’t believe what I’d missed out on all this time. With a young teenage nephew whom I take care of like my own, my son moving into Prep and becoming a little more independent, combined with my desire to find that next edge in high performance, the timing was perfect to add the trampoline to our High Performance Centre at home.

Over the coming months I am looking forward to sharing how we are enjoying our Springfree trampoline, covering the following topics:

“Adults play too” covering how I manage a full time career with IBM, a child and the life of an athlete, how the benefits of rebounding has improved our health and well-being. How we’ve been using both the medium oval and the mini trampolines for meditation and immune health and how our trampoline ensures we are present in our children’s lives.
“We jump, we play, we imagine” how our family enjoys the trampoline for more than just jumping! We’ll show you how we play Water Wipeout, Hot Wheels Car Crash, Teddy Bears Picnic and Pjs and Popcorn.
“High performance in every way” Springfree trampolines are built to last and after a decade of being at the top of my game in my chosen sport I think I’m built to last too! I’m excited to show you how we are using the trampoline to get to the Tokyo Olympic Games.
“Healthy kids lifestyle choices” when you buy a Springfree you join the Springfree community, get kids outside, show the kids how exercise is fun! It’s more than just a jumping castle!

I’ll leave you with the following thoughts…rebounding:

Improves immunity with an efficient production of white blood cells.
Stimulates the lymphatics system.
Detoxifies the body.
Energises the mind and body.
Improves digestion.
Increases weight loss.
Strengthens your bones.
Makes you laugh and smile.

When you play safe with Springfree, you can have all this fun as a family with no trips to the Emergency Room!

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