Melbourne's Secret Dog Parks

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Melbourne's Secret Dog Parks

Melbourne’s Top-Secret Dog Parks

Man’s best friend deserves more than just a walk around the block…why not embark on a beach adventure along with your kids, or let your dog a run around an activity centre? Daily and weekly exercise regimens are vital not only for your hound’s health and longevity, but to your entire family’s well-being also!


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Aranga Reserve, Donvale

Why would you want to take your dog to an ordinary park, when you could take your beloved pet to an extraordinary one? Aranga Reserve in Donvale is an activity hub for hounds that includes a general park with children’s playground, a puppy training area, and fenced-in dog agility equipment.

The general park is for everyone in the family to enjoy whereas the dog activity area is designed specifically for structured training sessions and unstructured socialisation opportunities. Your four-legged friend can be taught to spiritedly overcome physical hurdles in an obstacle course and friskily learn to master the art of animal language when it comes to soliciting a playdate over a dogfight.


Image credit: Bayside City Council

Sandown Street Beach, Brighton

A delightful doggie beach for Bayside families exists between Elwood and Middle Brighton baths, with lovely views of the distant city skyline while you take your sidekick for a stroll along the marina.

With shrubs to smell and sand dunes to roll down, there’s plenty of opportunities for puppies and young children to amuse themselves!


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Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster

With leafy surrounds and lake swims, ‘Ruffeys’ as the locals call it, is doggy Heaven! Diverse ecology is evident in this park which has previously been planted by fruit orchards and pine trees. A large group of King Charles Cavaliers and their owners convene on the first Saturday of every month if you and yours might like to join them!

Fun for the kids too, with a fantastic playground filled with twisty and tubular slides, sets of swings and a sand pit to add interest.

A vintage caravan called the Little Mouse Teahouse is set in the shade of gum trees alongside the playground, and comes complete with picnic rugs and cosy cushions to cuddle up on with your pup, share a cupcake and sip from a pretty teacup!


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Jells Park, Wheelers Hill

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and take your family on a journey to the Dandenongs with your dog!

The Dandenong Creek creeps through Jells Park, and nine kilometres of paw-marked trails trace through 127 hectares of vast grassland. For the protection of 150 species of birds that call this parkland home, dogs are asked to please be kept responsibly on-lead at all times.

Children can enjoy one of two playgrounds at Yabbie Hill or Stringybark while parents can relax in the shade of the Elms. Barbecue and picnic areas are available for use so sausages can be served to Fido too!


Albert Park

If interested in attending the biggest social event for dogs, Albert Park is home of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk which takes place every May!

Fortunately for Melburnian families, this 225-hectare leisure space in the nucleus of the city and can be appreciated at any time of year. It’s scenic, lakeside walking tracks including on and off-leash paths make it perfect for pets and kids to play!


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