Making Birthdays 'Extra' in 2024

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Making Birthdays 'Extra' in 2024

You’ve picked the theme (or your child has) and now you want to make it that little bit ‘extra’. Here are our key tips on making sure your child’s party is on point for 2024.

Ombre Pastels

Ombre Pastels are set to be in full swing this year. You can incorporate them into any party – popular at the moment are slime parties!

Creative Sweets

Sweets are always the highlight of every children’s party. This year, take your sweets to a whole new level. From flamingo macaroons to whoopie pies that look like peaches. Theme your sweets to match your party theme – kids will go crazy for these!

Balloon Garlands

Gone are the days of balloon bundles around a room being ‘enough’. Balloon garlands are where it’s at and it is a trend here to stay. Get creative with colours, shape and layouts to create the perfect arch way, photo area or display for your cake table.

Giant lettering

Personalisation is a massive industry and a photo favourite. With giant lettering, balloons, acrylic displays and much more, make your birthday boy or girl feel extra important on their special day with a name display.

Candy Filled Containers

Acrylics offer the opportunity to display treats and décor in a creative way — allowing the items inside to add colour and texture to a space. Consider adding acrylic boxes filled with interesting, playful or yummy treats to a tablespace or as a gift that even the littlest guests at a kid’s birthday party or celebration will be excited to take home.

Rainbow Bright

Classic bright colours are still synonymous with festive fun. Pops of strong colour add interest, but an entire palette of bright hues sets the stage for a lively party. Rainbow colours remain a staple of childhood — just don’t forget the ROYGBIV order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) because somehow kids seem like they’re born with this memorized!


Cocktails might literally be the only thing more fun about adulthood than childhood. But now kids get to have the same thrill of sipping a frou-frou drink laden with yummy garnishes with the “mocktail” trend — curated non-alcoholic drinks specially made for little guests. Think raspberry lemonade with mini skewers of raspberries and lemon gummi bears served in a martini glass with a lemon drop at the bottom.

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