How to Keep Your Brave Kids Safe

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How to Keep Your Brave Kids Safe
Whoever said ‘silence is golden’ clearly never had kids… silence is most often kids up to mischief.
In many cases, kids are naturally braver than we are as adults. Some think they are super heroes, stunt men or stunt women, or simply like to ‘have a go’ at every opportunity that arises. 
If you’ve got brave kids, congratulations. There’s nothing wrong with energetic, bold kids. Because chances are they’ll grow into strong, empowered, courageous adults, not afraid to take on the world. And that’s a wonderful thing to be.
If you panic when you hear the room go quiet, wondering what your kids are up to, you’re not alone. Self-confessed helicopter parents of the world: relax. We’ve got you covered, with all you need to know to keep your brave kids safe

Safety First

Establishing the importance of safety is an obvious way to keep your kids safe… but how you do this in a fun way, which connects with your kids? It’s a harder thing to master, but we have you covered!
Establishing that helmets and safety gear are non-negotiable parts of bike riding, skating and stunt-like activities, is much easier when they look cool! There are some really awesome funky helmets around – like unicorn helmets, punk Mohawk helmets, even those designed by the pro sports icons. And let’s not forget those bright pink Barbie elbow pads and knee pads (which may not be cool to you) but are the bees knees for little girls at the right age. 
Wearing jeans and shoes on bikes can also help with the safety aspect, while your little fashionista’s look stylish as well. 
And of course, there are some sports stars who make incredible role models by wearing safety gear, and championing the ‘safety first’ motto. Like Jonathan Thurston and the protective head gear he wears, which is almost as iconic as the athlete himself.
Skateboarder Tony Hawk even has his own line of protective gear – which of course is instant coolness for active young little skater, bike and scooter dudes and dudettes. For our kids, having their heroes promote safety gear really reinforces the importance of safety.


If you’re confident your kids are educated about keeping themselves safe, you’ll enjoy much more peace of mind that they’re okay when they’re out of sight.
Teaching your kids to know when something’s dangerous, what risks could result in minor scrapes and what risks could be more serious, as well as how to trust their instincts, will leave you happier and more relaxed! 
Have those conversations, in a casual, relaxed way whenever you can, on anything and everything from road safety, to stranger danger, to which animals to avoid, and how to identify when they need to get Mum Dad. 
Education is empowerment, both for you and for your kids. You can check in with your kids’ school or playgroup to find out about anything they’re teaching the kids that you can help reinforce at home. There’s so many educational books, educational cartoons and resources available to help, which really makes it easier for us to teach these lessons to our kids. And of course, skill-based lessons like how to swim are also an important part of the education that keeps our kids safe.
Remember though, if you’re a little inclined to stress, try not to freak the kids out. It’s all about educating them, without taking away their bravery. We don’t want to hold our kiddies back from experiencing their little lives to the fullest, right? 
Try to make the lessons fun when you can, like reading an educational book together, going to an animal park to learn about animal safety and going on excursions outside together to learn how to be safe around the road. 

 Never Compromise on Safety or Quality

With just about every product, activity and entertainment, there’s a variety of options you can choose from. And often it’s tempting to go for a cheaper option which may not be as safe. It’s important to do your research, and look into the key differences in safety whenever there are different options. And whenever there’s the choice, choose to invest in safety, and never compromise on safety or quality
We practice what we preach, and built a trampoline on this theory – with premium quality and safety as the focus. 

Let Kids Be Kids

Sometimes, you’ve just got to let kids be kids. Your kids are brave. They’re active. They are keen and determined to take on the world. And they will grow into strong, passionate, confident people because of it. If you’ve established the importance of safety, what an ‘okay risk’ is (and what’s not), educated your kids about keeping themselves safe and provided the safest environment possible for them, you’re onto a winning combination. Let your kids get involved in sport. Let them play, let them have fun. 
Organised sports lets active kids burn off that extra energy. It lets them show off without doing anything too silly. And it’s normally a lot safer than what they could get up to if they were very bored with the same energy. 
Get in there with them, be active together, and have fun. Let their bravery inspire you to enjoy the calculated, safe fun in life too. 
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