How to Host a Smart Trampoline Party!

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How to Host a Smart Trampoline Party!

Having a bunch of kids over for a party? Need something to keep them busy? We’ve got you covered!

If you’re the proud owner of a new Springfree Trampoline, the world’s first Smart Trampoline™, you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood!

It’s easy to throw a low-cost birthday party using our Smart Trampoline™ technology. It will keep kids active, entertained, and playing safe for hours.

We personally love using Alien Stomp. It’s a quick and easy game to learn how to play! And everyone loves the wacky aliens.

Here’s how to host your own Alien Stomp party in 4 easy steps! Step 1 – Choose Your Game

This will walk you through how to create an Alien Stomp party, but our Smart Trampoline™ technology tgoma has lots of games for party fun. You could use Free Bounce and challenge kids to who can do the most jumps in two minutes. Or you can use Fruitants or Alien Stomp and they can challenge each other to beat their high score.

Check out how blogger Krystyn used Free Bounce to create a tgoma party!

Step 2 – Choose The Level

Choose one level in Alien Stomp for everyone to complete.

We recommend Level 2. It’s easy for first time jumpers to get the hang of, but still challenging for more experienced users. It also lasts about 90 seconds so kids don’t need to wait too long for their turn.

TOP TIP: If you’ve got a larger party, or don’t want to create the different user profiles for each child at the party, instead of creating a different profile for each child, you can create a single “Party” profile which they can all use!

Step 3 – Track Scores

To throw an Alien Stomp party you need a way to track high scores! Create a whiteboard with each kid’s name and a space for their high score next to it. After they’ve jumped, write down their score next to their name.

Who says they just have one turn? They can keep jumping to get an even better score! This is a great way to have kids challenge each other to keep jumping. And a great way for them to cheer each other on too!

Step 4 – The Prize

Prize for highest score? Or does everyone get a prize for jumping? It’s up to you. We personally love to award participation at Springfree, so would recommend prizes to the child who ‘tried the hardest’ or had the ‘best improvement’.

Springfree’s Smart Trampoline™ is a great way to manage safe, one-at-a-time play while keeping kids entertained. They can cheer each other on, try to beat high scores, and get outside and active at the same time! 

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