How to Get Christmas Sorted Today, Stress-Free.

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How to Get Christmas Sorted Today, Stress-Free.

Christmas is known worldwide as the time for warm and fuzzy feelings. Pictures of indulgence, feasting, relaxation, time spent together and gifts spring to mind. For mums and dads, it can also be extremely stressful!

Juggling a long list of preparations, gift shopping and the kids being home on school holidays, can be hectic. But the pre-Christmas rush can be avoided with a little planning… this is where we come in.

We’ve got all the tips to help you get your Christmas sorted today, stress-free.

Here’s how you can get in early for Christmas this year!

Piece By Piece

A savvy gift shopper will keep an eye out for gifts throughout the year, particularly when there are great deals to be had.

It doesn’t have to be super close to a birthday or national holiday like Christmas. The next time you see a great gift at a great price, grab it. Stockpiling gifts in a special secret area makes gift-giving stress free. You won’t even realise you’re getting Christmas (or birthdays) sorted early, until all the work is done!

Be sure to get gifts that would appeal to a number of people on your list. You can decide who gets what closer to the date. Keep an eye out for sales this time of year – and be ready to snap up a bargain when you see one!

Combined Gifts

Instead of purchasing lots of little gifts for your family, consider a bigger combined gift for everyone!

Joint gifts are a particularly great idea for families with more than one child, or for a present the whole family will love.

This also means you can combine what you would spend on each person and get one big kick-ass present that will be loved for years! Combined gifts get bonus points, because they create warm and fuzzy family time together!

Just imagine the excitement Christmas morning, when the kids unwrap a ‘clue’ that sends them outside to find their brand new TRAMPOLINE!

And we can’t go past the fact that one large combined gift means less thinking and planning over what to get each person individually. It also makes sure everything is even and fair!

Interest Free Finance & Payment Options

Gifts that allow for flexible payment options make it really easy to get Christmas sorted early.

Interest Free Finance means you can lock in a price and pay off your Christmas in easy, manageable instalments.

If you ever see a great offer or promotion, check out the payment options – if interest free finance is available, jump on it! You can lock in the sale price, then pay it off over time.

Gift Cards also make it easier for other family members to contribute towards big gifts – so Nan and Pop can get involved in gifting the kids the ultimate Christmas present.

Layby also lets you decide on your purchase and pay it off as you go, so the costs of Christmas don’t all come at once.

Get The House Sorted Now

Hosting the family get together at your place this year? Ever have that mad panic a few weeks before everyone arrives? Spend some time to get any big backyard or house projects underway now. Christmas is approaching faster than you think, and you’ll be glad you got in early!

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