How to Feel Good This Christmas

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How to Feel Good This Christmas

Everyone loves to feel good! Follow our top tips to make sure you feel great this silly season! 


Several shopping centres and big shopping chains do a shoebox Christmas appeal, a toy drive, a food drive or similar. No matter what your beliefs, and what Christmas is all about for you, a common theme during Christmas is in giving. It feels REALLY good to give to those in need. And every little bit goes a long way to brightening someone else’s day.

Whether it’s buying a child in need a Christmas present, putting it in a shoebox and popping it under an appeal tree, donating tinned food or non-perishable items, or donating to your favourite charity, donating doesn't’t mean you need to go beyond your means.

You can donate as little as a can of baked beans to a food drive, or as much as you like to any charity. Either way, it will help, and you’ll feel really good. 

Reach out to Family & Friends

Whether it’s catching up for a BBQ, dropping around for a coffee or simply picking up the phone, Christmas holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family. If you’re feeling a little awkward about connecting with old friends, wishing them a Merry Christmas is the perfect excuse!

Quite often in our busy day-to-day lives it can be hard to find the time to be social. But it feels GREAT to chat with friends and family, and you’ll be better off for making that effort when you can. Spread the Christmas cheer!

Spoil Yourself

Spoiling yourself and your family is one of the best things about Christmas. It’s almost impossible to not feel happy when you’re in the spirit of giving – it’s the time of year to treat yourselves after all!

Think of gifts and activities the whole family will love together. Even better if you can turn your Christmas gifts into fun activities for the family...


...Enter the trampoline! A trampoline will ensure you’re outside, actively enjoying time together, and everyone will feel a little spoilt while jumping for joy! Our Smart Trampolines provide safe, active fun for the whole family! It's almost impossible to bounce on a trampoline and NOT grin from ear to ear! 

Eat Well

We all know how great it feels to eat healthy, sustainable meals. And unfortunately, we also all know how yucky we can feel after going on a massive bad-food binge! They say you are what you eat, and if you treat your body to really healthy, good foods, you’ll feel a lot better and energetic for it!

Sometimes during the Christmas season, we think about all the naughty things we are (and will soon be) eating – and that can make us misbehave even more. Not to say you should go over-board on a health-kick – but actively think about how your food will make you feel – energised, or sluggish!

Find healthy foods that you just LOVE, and spoil yourself with those – like Christmas cherries! Mmmmm…

Get Active

Being active feels great. It’s because of endorphin release that is triggered by activity, sending feel-good signals to your brain! Try and engage in family activities together that are fun, active and outdoors!

Get the whole family outside for a family backyard Olympics – from running races, to jumping competitions on your trampoline, to who can score the highest score in Fruitants (before getting completely puffed out)!

You can find out more about our Smart Trampolines and how they can get your family outside and active this Christmas, here.

Take Time To Enjoy!

Don't get caught up in the rush of Christmas – try to sort your present shopping early, so you're not battling that Christmas Eve rush at the shopping centres, stress less about getting that 'perfect Christmas roast', and take time to breathe, enjoy the moment and concentrate on what really matters: family. 

It doesn't matter if your roast is burnt. If the shops are all out of your favourite sides. If your Christmas tree isn't perfectly colour-coordinated with this season's latest colours. What matters is time spent together, the acts of sharing and giving, and enjoying the holidays.

Follow our simple steps, and you’ll be laughing and feeling good in next to no time! 

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