How To Bounce Out Of Bed In The Morning

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How To Bounce Out Of Bed In The Morning

We’ve all experienced it some time in our lives. That dreaded morning madness. Getting the kids out of bed, somehow getting everyone dressed and ready to be at school and work with lunches, school bags and maybe even on time can be stressful. It’s no wonder being a ‘morning person’ can be hard to achieve.

But there are some forgotten ways we can put the ‘good’ back into good morning and help you bounce out of bed ready to embrace the day.

Program Your Body

It seems obvious, but we sometimes forget that we are conditioning ourselves to behave certain ways. If we get used to bad habits in staying up late, achieving a lot at night and sleeping in when we can manage it, we’re changing our body clock to do the opposite of what we need for school and work.

Re-programming the body clocks of you and your family takes a conscious effort but is achievable. At night set a certain time well before sleep where everyone is reminded to keep voices down, refrain from rowdy or boisterous games, and actively relax and calm down. It might be a family time for relaxing reading or similar.

Making sure you stick to a set bedtime is important for every member of the family, to get your body into a rhythm.

In a similar way, you need to push yourself to be excitable, active and positive in the morning.

The Morning Routine

The most obvious way to bounce out of bed in the morning is to make mornings enjoyable.

Allow enough time for everyone to get ready in the morning without stress; sometimes getting up half an hour earlier can make all the difference. Especially once you start going to bed half an hour earlier to compensate.

A great way to start a morning routine is by singing and dancing together to an upbeat song. You may have to push yourself the first day, but before you realise it you’ll be gleefully jumping and dancing around each morning! This is a great way for families to start the day laughing and having fun together. Setting rules like dancing freely to the first song but getting ready to the second will help stop the music from being distracting. Songs can also be used as a timer – e.g. Get school shoes and socks on by the end of song number 5!

Literally Jump For Joy

Jumping on a trampoline is exercise, and exercise releases endorphins. When you nail getting everybody to school and work on time, you can work 10 minutes of bouncing into everybody’s morning routine. They say 30 minutes exercise each morning gives you more energy for the whole day, and trampolining for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30-minute jog!

Exercise also wakes your brain up, reinforcing the programming and conditioning you’re giving your body and your internal body clock! Sunshine and fresh air also helps us to wake up, as they send signals to your brain that it’s daytime.

Jumping whilst waiting for a sibling to finish showering is a good way to work in timings with families with more than one kid. First jumping privileges can also be a great reward for good behavior!

Not only will you sleep better at night and perform better during the day due to the exercise but your body will thank you as well!

Have any suggestions that help you and your family jump out of bed in the morning? We’d love to hear from you! 

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