6 Hidden Trampoline Costs (IMPORTANT!) | Springfree Trampoline 

Don't be blindsided by unexpected trampoline costs! Here are six hidden trampoline costs to prepare for before making your final purchase decision.

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6 Hidden Trampoline Costs (IMPORTANT!) | Springfree Trampoline 

You may not think it at first, but the cost of a trampoline can add up quickly.  

Buying the trampoline itself is just one part of the equation. Underlying the price of the trampoline are several costs that, if not considered, can pop up and surprise you with an unusually high bill later. 

Nobody likes being blindsided by unexpected costs, especially when it comes to a backyard trampoline.  

That is why, as a decades-long springless trampoline innovator and manufacturer, we have compiled a list of the “hidden” costs that could arise while buying or maintaining a trampoline. 

This expert-crafted list will help you understand the extraneous costs of owning a trampoline and set your expectations for what you need to budget for as you determine whether a trampoline is worth your money.  

How Much Does a Trampoline Cost? 

Before jumping into the hidden costs of a trampoline, how much should you expect to pay for the trampoline itself?  

The first determining factor for the cost of a trampoline is the type of trampoline that you’re buying. Here are general price ranges for backyard trampolines, which will be the topic of discussion today. 

  • Above-ground traditional, spring-based trampolines: $300-$2,000+  

  • Above-ground springless trampolines - $999-$3,000+    

  • Inground Trampolines - $2,000-$5,000+  

If you would like to learn more about all the factors that make up the cost of a trampoline, check out our article, “How Much Does a Trampoline Cost?”.  

The 6 Hidden Trampoline Costs You Need to Know 

Let’s now get to the matter at hand--here are six hidden costs that must be considered if purchasing a trampoline: 

  1. Trampoline Installation  

The number one, and potentially most expensive hidden trampoline cost, is the price of installing your trampoline.  

For some, they will self-install their trampoline, so installation will not cost anything but time for them. Cheap trampolines, in particular, should be easier to install.  

However, if you opt for professional trampoline installation, you will have to pay for it unless it’s included as a part of your purchase.  

For example, Springfree Trampolines—which can be difficult to install—cost $249 if you decide to have it installed by Springfree Trampoline. Third-party installation is also an option and prices will vary. 

That price is for above-ground trampoline installation, though. If you decide to install a trampoline into the ground, you’re looking at a significantly higher bill. 

If installing an inground trampoline, you will likely have to hire professionals, since it requires you to: Dig a hole, fill it, add a retaining wall and potentially account for a water drainage system. All of this can add up to $4,000 or more.  

Because of the inground trampoline cost, most people choose to buy an above-ground trampoline.  

  1. Trampoline Accessories 

Another one of the hidden costs of trampolines is the safety, weather or fun accessories that can be bought alongside the trampoline. 

What might surprise some about trampoline accessories is that they cost more than you would think. A good trampoline basketball hoop, for example, can cost around $200. A trampoline ladder can be over $100. Even wind stakes or trampoline anchors can cost around $80 - $100.  

Trampoline accessories can enhance the joy of a trampoline, protect it from windy or damaging weather conditions (a sunshade and cover are popular accessories) and help make the trampoline more accessible. However, quality trampoline accessories will not be cheap. 

Example of trampoline accessories (Springfree Trampoline):  

Springfree Trampoline Accessories. 

  1. Trampoline Upgrades 

Besides trampoline installation and accessories, there are various upgrades you may be able to select from depending on which trampoline brand you buy from.  

For example, Oz Trampolines offers an upgrade to their "European" trampoline springs to achieve a higher bounce. Springfree Trampoline allows for advanced trampoline customisation, with seven different colors and the ability to add a nametag.  

A custom Springfree Trampoline: 

A custom Memorial Day Springfree Trampoline. 

Upgrades, like the springs from Oz Trampolines or the customisation offered by Springfree, cost around $80 to $200 —a hidden trampoline cost that may surprise you at checkout. Prices will vary depending on the type of upgrade and which company you’re buying from.  

  1. Trampoline Replacement Parts 

After you’ve bought your trampoline, the hidden trampoline costs don’t necessarily stop there. If you own a trampoline long enough and use it consistently, you will need to get replacement parts at some point. 

If your trampoline is covered under warranty, then you may not have to worry about buying new parts. But parts not covered under warranty will cost you.  

Trampoline replacement parts can cost around $10-$200+ depending on which part you’re talking about. Common parts that need to be replaced on a trampoline include the mat, net and spring padding (on springless trampolines).  

We’ve seen customers with cheap trampolines spend over $1,000 on trampoline replacement parts. If you plan to buy a trampoline for the long term, it will be much more cost-effective to invest in a premium trampoline that will last without requiring a ton of maintenance.  

  1. Trampoline Disassembly/Relocation 

If you’ve decided that the trampoline you bought is no longer useful and you want to get rid of it, that can also trigger a hidden cost. 

You can hire professionals to disassemble and move the trampoline for a price and it likely won’t be cheap. For example, our Springfree Trampoline Relocation Services cost $500. 

However, it could be worth it if you don’t want to get rid of it yourself, or you’re moving houses and want to transport it to your new home.  

You can also have professionals move the trampoline for landscaping projects, transport it from the back yard to the front yard or put the trampoline into storage.    

  1. Trampoline Replacement 

The next hidden trampoline cost is arguably the most important to take note of. If you bought a cheap trampoline and expected it to last for a long time, only to find out that it broke down in 1-3 years, you will be left to replace the trampoline altogether.  

This is perhaps the most fundamental mistake that consumers make when buying a trampoline. Many see the low upfront price of a cheap trampoline and purchase it, expecting that it will be “good enough.” 

In many cases, cheap trampolines end up breaking down within 1-3 years. Not to mention, they typically come with some serious safety concerns and have a hard time holding up under windy or inclement weather.  

If you want a short-term trampoline, a cheap trampoline might be a good fit for you. But if you’re expecting a trampoline to last for a while, it’s better to go ahead and pay the larger upfront price, so you’re not back in the market for a trampoline replacement in a year or two. 

Also, consider the size of your jumpers: If you buy a 10 ft trampoline for your eight-year-old, but by age 12, they need a 14 ft trampoline, you could be spending money on a new replacement trampoline. 

To find the best trampoline for both kids and adults to jump on, you must think carefully about which size of trampoline to buy.  

Springfree’s Advice: Buy a trampoline for the future to avoid your child growing out of the trampoline: They grow up so fast! 

Which Trampoline Is Right For You? 

The cost of a trampoline is multi-faceted: Yes, there is the price of the trampoline itself, but beyond that price comes other costs that can be unexpected and higher than you may think. 

By reading through this article, you’ve prepared yourself (and your wallet!) to handle what might come with owning a trampoline. Now comes the next step: You must figure out which is the best backyard trampoline to invest in. 

This can be complicated, but using our experience helping thousands of customers find their perfect trampoline, we know exactly what it takes to get the right trampoline for your family.  

There are seven primary factors that need to be considered before buying a trampoline. Instead of guessing or browsing through dozens of sources, we’ve rounded up all of them into one article.  

The article below will help you set your trampoline goals, and after reading it, you will know the exact qualities to look for in a trampoline so that your first trampoline purchase is the last one.  

Check it out: What to Look For When Buying a Trampoline (7 Things) 



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