Healthy Easter Treats

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Healthy Easter Treats

It’s no secret that Easter is associated with chocolate and hot cross buns and judging by the amount of Easter goodies hitting the supermarket shelves earlier and earlier each year, the demand is there. However, whilst it’s nice to allow a little indulgence here and there, it can be a challenge to maintain healthy habits while trying to enjoy this festive season!

To break up the sugar overload, we’ve found 10 healthy Easter treat recipes that will more than satisfy the family this Easter!

1. Healthy Hot Cross Buns

It is not Easter without a warmed up hot cross bun. However, they aren’t the healthiest option nor are most of them dairy free, low in sugar or low in saturated fats. And if these things are important to you, that can seem devastating! So we found the perfect healthy hot cross bun that ticks all those boxes.

Hot cross buns

PHOTO AND RECIPE Elsa’s Wholesome Life

2. Homemade Chocolate

Chocolate, in its natural form, is actually a superfood of sorts. The problem with what we see on the shelves of our supermarkets is that it has had a whole heap of sugar and additives mixed in, stripping it of the most of it’s goodness. So why not make your own healthy version so no one has to miss out on any chocolate fun, this Easter.

Homemade chocolate


3. Bunny Pancakes

You’ll have the kids hopping to the table for these cute bunny pancakes, either for a delicious Easter breakfast treat of midday snack. Consider adding raisins or berries to create eyes and a nose as well.

Bunny pancakes

PHOTO AND RECIPE Live Love Nourish 

4. Superfood Easter Eggs

Put an Easter spin on your normal superfood bliss ball. Add some natural colour, to create cheerful, bright Easter ‘eggs’ that are a great, healthy alternative. You can also get the kids involved with helping to make them!

Superfood Easter Eggs


5. Carrot and Hummus Patches

This is one of the cutest snack ideas we’ve come across. Hummus and carrots are always a great go-to snack, so makes sense to ‘Easter-fy’ it, right?

And easy… fill mini terracotta pots with hummus, add the baby carrots with a parsley stem on top.

Carrot and Hummus Patches

PHOTO AND RECIPE Taste and Tell 

6. Easter Frozen Banana Animal Treats

Children love frozen treats – normally of the ice cream variety. So mix it up and have a bit of fun this Easter with these frozen banana animal treats.

Easter frozen banana animal treats

PHOTO AND RECIPE Hello Wonderful 

7. Fruit and Marshmallow Kebabs

If you are going to have a house load of children around for Easter, this is a great snack option! There are so many fruit options and as a little treat, you can add a small marshmallow in the mix.

Fruit and marshmallow kebabs


8. No Bake Easter Egg Fruit Tarts

Whether you have kids or not – what is better on Easter morning than a fruit tart?

These adorable Easter egg fruit tarts are so easy to make and are basically like mini fruit pizzas! The no-bake tart base is made from almond butter, honey, and blended oats.

Once you’ve created your egg shapes, cover them with greek yogurt. Encourage your kids to help you so they can build their own egg tarts with their favorite fruit toppings.

Easter Egg Fruit Tarts

PHOTO AND RECIPE Super Healthy Kids 

9. Fun and Healthy Easter Nest Bagels

Bagels are such a great choice for breakfast or an afternoon snack. They’re easy to throw together and you can have sweet or savoury depending on your mood!

For Easter, mix it up and make these fun Easter nest bagels.  All you need are bagels, cream cheese, a carrot, and cucumber.

Easter bagels


10. Apple Fruit Baskets

Your children certainly love filling their Easter baskets with treats so why not make these healthy yet delicious apple fruit baskets! Simply cut an apple in half, scoop out the centre and fill with chopped fruit and add a handle made from liquorice. The kids would never have enjoyed eating their fruit so much!

Apple fruit baskets


We hope you and the children enjoy both the cooking / creating of these snacks as well as the eating them! If you have any other great ideas on what your family’s favourite healthy snacks are, we’d love to hear them!

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