Fitness Made Fun: Exercise Right

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Fitness Made Fun: Exercise Right

We all want to live healthier and happier lives, right? One of the most fun ways to exercise is by jumping on a Springfree Trampoline.

Now, with Springfree featuring tgoma, there are so many tools that we adults can use to improve our exercise! There’s fun games like Fruitants, which give you a good workout before you realise you’re actually working hard.

There’s tgomaFit, an amazing app that gives mums and dads exercises and goal-orientated workouts, tracking the time spent, jumps and energy burnt in real time! There’s goal setting, and of course there’s JumpTracker, which gives you all the stats and tracking information to know you’re achieving!

Let’s take a look at these in more detail!


With grumpy grapes, silly strawberries and mad melons… make sure you juice them before they juice you! How far will you get through this crazy fruit salad of a game? You’ll be engaged for hours.

Fruitants is such a fun and engaging tgoma game that engrosses users of all ages. For those of us adults who don’t love working out, Fruitants is a great way to have fun, and amazingly, workout in the process – without really realising you’re exercising until you’ve worked up a sweat!

NASA fitness researchers found that 10 minutes jumping on a trampoline is a workout equivalent to 30 minutes running – just a couple of rounds of Fruitants will give you a complete workout in a fun way!


Exercise along with a professional trampoline coach, and watch your calories burn in real-time. Choose from 26 trampoline exercises, or select a pre-set workout (Core Workout, Aerobic Fit, etc.) Forget the gym, everything you need is in your backyard.

With each individual exercise having comprehensive instructions, video demonstrations and insight into the benefits, this is a great tool that won’t leave you guessing. A timer counts how long you’ve done each exercise, and your jumps and energy burnt is measured and displayed in real time, for that extra motivation factor! You can also choose different music options while you exercise.

The workouts take you through a range of exercise routines for specific goals, letting you know the number of repetitions and which exercises. You get taken through the workout in real time, step-by-step, with a video guide each step of the way. Of course, as you go the time on each exercise, number of jumps and energy burnt is tracked, giving you real insight into your awesome effort!


JumpTracker gives you activity stats by number of jumps, time spent jumping, energy burned and height jumped. You can view this by user, by timeframe and by game.


You can create goals by goal type and target number, and see all your achieved goals!

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