An Easy Camping Adventure: In Your Own Backyard!

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An Easy Camping Adventure: In Your Own Backyard!

Camping can be so much fun. Especially for kids. It's a chance to get outside, take in the fresh air and have fun. Sitting by the campfire, enjoy the camping clichés of shadow puppets, sing-alongs and telling stories. 

Camping in your own backyard is SO under-rated. It's convenient, it skips the drive, minimises the time packing, and also guarantees you won't be stuck in the tent if the weather turns sour! And, if you forget any essentials like the mozzie spray, all you have to do is duck back inside! 

Here's everything you need for your backyard camping adventure! 

Sleeping Essentials

It’s simple with a Springfree. Just grab some pillows and sleeping bags and sleep under the stars right on your trampoline. It’s actually very comfortable! Don't forget the bug spray! And with the safety net, you won't have to worry about rolling off! 

If you want the traditional camping experience, try setting up the tent inside your Springfree Trampoline. Just don’t use the pegs! Or, do things the old fashioned way, and pitch it on the grass! 

Campfire Snacks

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you’re already set for roasting marshmallows! And for your dinner, fire up the BBQ and cook up some sausages in bread! Don't forget your other favourite snacks! 

Or, with the house just a few steps away, you can always prepare your dinner inside, then use take away containers or lunchboxes to eat your meals under the stars! 

Camping Entertainment

Star Gazing: Once the sun goes down and the stars come out, there’s nothing more relaxing than looking up to the sky to spot the big dipper! A quick search online can help you find a map of the stars.  

Camping Sing-Along: Belt out some kid friendly camping tunes. 

Storytelling: A classic camping activity, telling stories is a great way to make family memories. Have fun by going around from one person to the next, each creating a part of the story as you go.  Let each person come up with a sentence or two to build up to some hilarious twists and conclusions! 

Flashlight Games: Give everyone a flashlight and have some fun playing flashlight games once it gets dark. Whether it’s flashlight tag, a flashlight scavenger hunt or shadow puppets, flashlights are a great way to entertain your campers.

Campouts are a great way to enjoy some quality family time in the backyard. The best part? It doesn’t involve a lot of planning. Just grab your pillows, sleeping bags, blanket, and get ready for fun!

Oh yeah, and if you get sick of it early, just head on back inside! 

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