8 Cooler Weather School Holiday Activities

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8 Cooler Weather School Holiday Activities

It's school holiday time again and the kids have free days to enjoy playing outside. 

Here’s your guide to school holiday fun, keep them busy with a range of cheap outdoor activities.

1. Mobile Sandpit

Buy a big flat storage box with a lid, then fill it with sand, cars and toys.Your kids will be sure to have a blast.  When they’re done, snap the lid on to keep stray cats and rain out.  Alternatively, you can buy big plastic shells from hardware or home-ware stores, and use a tarp as the ‘lid’ to protect it.

2. Memory Game

Everyone sits around the perimeter of the trampoline along the edge. One person does a “trick” in the center of the jumping surface. The next person then has to copy the first person’s trick and adds one of their own. Continue with each child doing the tricks before them and adding their own. If someone forgets a trick or gets it out of order, they are out and the game continues until only one child is left.

3. Lawn Art

Art and craft outside means not stressing out about the carpet or tiles getting messy. Put down an old sheet on the lawn and grab all your craft supplies. Think paints, cardboard, pencils, crayons, paper – anything you like. Then let your little ones go wild with their budding Picasso skills. Make sure you keep all your egg cartons and cardboard boxes as craft materials! One fun and cheap craft activity the kids are sure to love is to paint terracotta pots – then plant something in them!

4. Fun on Your Trampoline 

Jumping on a trampoline can provide hours of enjoyment!

If your kids are competitive, why not host your own ‘trampoline family Commonwealth Games?’ See who can win the ‘jumping sprint’ (the most jumps in a minute), or the ‘high jump’ (who can jump the highest). And don’t forget the basketball hoop comp!

5. Science everything  

We all know that learning about science while doing helps you retain what you've learned, but trampolines make that about a thousand times more fun. Teach the principles of gravity, weights, friction and static electricity while laughing and getting some great exercise.

6. Backyard Obstacle Course

Get your kids to create the obstacle course using skipping ropes, chalk, hula hoops, and any other useful items that are lying around the yard (think hoses, spare tyres, etc), and then time them going through it. Make some variations after a few rounds to make it more challenging for older kids, or simpler for the little ones.

7. Backyard Picnic

Throw down a blanket and bring a basket of snacks, lunches and yummy drinks and have a picnic in the backyard. Bonus: most of the mess stays outside to be washed away by the rain or the hose!

Whatever you do with your kids, make sure they are sun protected and wearing the appropriate clothing and SPF 30+ sunscreen. Not only will you get to spend some quality time with them, they’ll love you even more for playing with them and making their school holidays more fun! 

8. Take a Walk

Go to the beach, or a nearby nature walk or rainforest and enjoy a family walk together. Take the time to check out all the different elements of nature around you. If you're at the beach, rock pools can provide hours of entertainment, while bush walks do the same. Pack a picnic and you'll kill even more time! 

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