Christmas Ideas: The Christmas Eve Surprise

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Christmas Ideas: The Christmas Eve Surprise

Are you one of those families with a Christmas tradition of letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve? Or maybe you're planning on travelling this year, and want to do some of the presents prior to Christmas...

Maybe this year the present your kids open early could be their Springfree Trampoline

For most parents Christmas Eve involves taking care of all the jobs that need to be done once the kids go to bed – wrapping last minute presents, cleaning up the reindeer and Santa food.

While a big Christmas morning reveal is super exciting for all involved, considering doing your big reveal on Christmas Eve is a great idea – and would have almost the same impact! Let's face it, a trampoline is a HUGE suprise no matter when you reveal it!

Here are a few reasons to consider in weighing up revealing the Springfree Trampoline on Christmas Eve...

1. One less thing to do

If you plan to install the trampoline yourself, doing it before Christmas Day or Christmas Eve means one less thing to do during those days – and will mean less stress! A huge trampoline in the backyard is going to have big impact no matter when you reveal it – and it will literally start Christmas early for your jolly little jumpers!  

2. The kids can spend longer jumping!

Whether you install it Christmas Eve during the day and reveal it at night, or you install it on the 23rd, giving your kids their Springfree early means they'll be able to jump more during the Christmas period! They can either spend all Christmas Eve jumping, or they can jump right from the first thing in the morning on Christmas Day! It will be ready to go as soon as they wake up and they can spend the whole day jumping – which will buy you some much needed time to get jobs done while they’re busy jumping.

If you go with professional installation, you can arrange to be out while the installation takes place. That’s an awesome surprise for the kids to come home to! If you missed out on getting premium Christmas Eve installation, you can still save yourself some time and effort by getting it done in  the days before Christmas. Hurry though, installation time slots are filling up fast!

3. Take the credit for the best present!

Possibly the best reason to let the kids have their Springfree on Christmas Eve is so they know it’s from you. Don’t let Santa take the credit for the biggest and best present the kids receive this year.

If the Christmas Eve present isn’t a tradition your family has but you think this sounds like a good idea, start talking about it now. The anticipation is half the fun!

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