A Child At Heart: Embracing Your Inner Child

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“If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child we would see the magic in everything” – Chee Vai Tang

Some people never grow up. They may love singing Disney songs, watching old cartoons and reliving their childhood memories. They may act like complete children at times, laughing, being silly, and making clowns out of themselves. They may get incredibly excited about all the little things in life, or have a grin of absolute child-like delight when jumping on their Springfree.

There’s one thing for sure, life can be much more fun when you embrace your inner child.

Here’s why it’s okay to be a child at heart (and why you should find and embrace your inner child more often):

You Appreciate the Small things

Have you ever noticed how excited kids can get about the small things in life?

A special outing, the taste of their favourite food, a family day out, finding a coin on the footpath, wearing their favourite outfit, having a friend over – the list goes on!

Now think about how excited you would be over these things compared to a child’s reaction. It’s obvious to see who gets the most enjoyment out of the small details of life.

Sometimes as adults in our day to day lives, we forget to soak up each moment, appreciate each positive for what it’s worth and really embrace those good feelings.

If you take a step back, embrace your inner child and allow yourself to get excited about the small stuff, you’ll find you’re getting much more enjoyment out of everyday life.

Don’t be afraid to share your enjoyment with others – there’s nothing wrong in appreciating and enjoying the small stuff in life! There’s something good in every day – let your inner child find and celebrate this!

You’re Always Laughing

Think about the last time you let your hair down, acted like a complete child, and released all your inhibitions – like laughing with your significant other about something absolutely silly. It feels amazing.

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of taking ourselves too seriously. Don’t. Life’s always so much better when you can let yourself have fun. Don’t worry too much about what other people think.

Sure, there are times you need to be serious. But there are also times when it’s totally okay to embrace your inner child and act a little silly. You’ll have a good laugh and a great time, and so will whoever you’re being silly with. After all, laughter is contagious.

It Keeps You Young

We all know someone who doesn’t act their age. And think of how much enjoyment they get out of life. Now think of how much more revitalised, energetic and young those people are compared to others their age.

Surely we’ve all met a 60- year-old man who’s always joking around. He’s always smiling, always happy, always acting like the ‘class clown’ and like he hasn’t grown up. In short, he’s feeling and looking a lot younger than his years. And the people around him are always happy and refreshed too. It certainly beats being the ‘cranky old man’ who lives down the street and yells at the kids passing by to ‘quieten down’!

A Positive Outlook on Life

Something that kids always amaze us with (especially younger kids) is their uncanny ability to see the positive in every situation. They believe in the good of other people, they’re able to see the best in every situation, and find humour in the hardest of places.

Let go of your adult cynicism, your negativity and embrace that inner child who feels the urge to see the positive in every situation. If something ridiculous happens that you can’t control, all you can do is laugh, or cry. Laughing feels so much better. And hey, at least it will be a good story, right?

Embracing your inner child is all how you feel. It’s about enjoying life. Sure, there are times we need to be serious. But don’t be afraid to let yourself enjoy the little things. To act a little silly sometimes.

The happiest of people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything. And that’s why it’s okay to be a child at heart.

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