The Best Virtual Tours for Kids

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The Best Virtual Tours for Kids

With borders (international and state) closed for, who knows how long, we are needing to find creative ways to get our travel fix. Whilst nothing beats that feeling of getting on a plane to take you on a new adventure, we just need to sit tight for a little longer. And so it is, we introduce, virtual travel.

As inconvenient as COVID-19 is, we do have to be grateful that it has happened at a time when technology has allowed us to stay connected and keep businesses ‘operational’ in new ways. Which is exactly how we’ve been able to explore this idea of virtual travel. With major art galleries, museums, zoos, theme parks and more all ‘opening their doors’ to the world, we are able to head off on a different kind of adventure.

Here are our picks to get you and the family started (be sure to bookmark this page for multiple visits):

Animal Spotting

Have fun with the kids to see how many animals you can spot and name as they come across the cameras.

Visit a virtual aquarium

Aquariums lend themselves well to the virtual experience as static cameras can capture tanks and large pools well.


Tour some of the world’s biggest zoos

Zoo webcams have allowed visitors to drop in on the habitats of some of the zoo’s favourite animal exhibits. Here are some highlights.


Go on a digital safari

If your children love learning about wild animals there are, of course, plenty of nature programs for them to enjoy, but for a more bite-sized version take a look at these sites:

  • The WildwatchLive program from the sustainable travel company &Beyond.

Theme parks

Perhaps less educational but definitely a huge ton of fun is taking a trip to a theme or water park while on lockdown.

  • Check out the best virtual tours from Disney parks around the world
  • Get a 360-degree view of Legoland Windsor’s Miniland.
  • A simple YouTube search of water parks or roller-coasters will also allow you and your kids to experience the thrill of waiting at the top of a huge aqua slide or sitting at the front of a ride as it starts chugging upwards… (we share more ideas here)


Cultural Fix

Wander City Streets

Wandering city streets is accessible and interesting to children, as well as an interesting way to teach them about social history and political commentary.


Take an online tour of an art gallery

Some of the world’s most famous art galleries were offering interactive experiences and virtual content for kids well ahead of lockdown.

Visit a museum's online collection

Many of the world’s famous museums have put their collections online. While you can’t replicate the experience of learning from something firsthand, children may gain more from a briefer and more focused virtual visit without the crowds, the lines and onset of museum legs. To name but a few, your kids can:

Explore some of the wonders of the world

Google has done some great work in making some of the most well-known attractions in the world digitally accessible. With its trek experiences you can walk through the Great Pyramids of Giza, visit the temples of Angkor, and explore the canals of Venice – and all with bite-sized shots of information, short clips and footage that makes you want to click on. Perfect for kids.


Blast into space

If you want to take virtual travel to the next level then it’s time to visit some of the fascinating space-related sites online.


Top tips for happy virtual touring

If you are not sure where to start, think about places your kids like visiting and any major museums or attractions that they have particularly enjoyed.

Do your research in advance. Take a look at what videos appear to be the most engaging. Some of the zoos have saved videos that show animal interactions so these are a great place to start to ensure engagement, otherwise (just like when you visit a zoo in person) you might be waiting some time to see the animals!

Set your expectations. It’s unlikely that you are going to keep your kids engaged for hours with a virtual tour. Be ready for it to be a fairly quick visit, but use it as a vehicle to discuss what you’ve seen and whether you might like to visit in person, when travel is accessible again.

Be prepared for technical issues - between WiFi connections and camera feeds, there are many ways things could go awry and you might not be able to view your chosen activity.


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