The Best Resources Available for At-Home Entertainment

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Humans are social beings so the restrictions on social interactions and being outdoors is definitely going to take a bit of getting used. For our kids who love playing with friends at the beach or park or are mad about different extra-curricular activities that have come to a grinding halt, keeping them stimulated and entertained is going to take that little more than the Disney+ channel. There is no denying that we are all going to be heading to our dear friend Google for ideas to stop us from going insane.

We’ve done our best to try and find some of the best resources to put them all in one handy go-to spot for you. There are teachers, parents, fitness experts and businesses who are taking this opportunity to provide online solutions to suit any family.

Here is a list of ideas to get you started and we will continue to add to this as more come to light.

Working from Home with the Kids Activities Hub

How to Thrive When Working From Home with the Kids - As much as we are equipped to work from home these days, we are never really prepared for when the kids are home. This page provides parents with the tools and resources to help keep your kids busy while you work and keep hold of your sanity

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PE with Joe

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, who has already been inspiring millions of adults with his health and fitness knowledge, has introduced online home workouts aimed at kids. This is perfect for those super active kids who have way too much energy to burn and not enough space to run around. And even though they’re aimed at kids, why not join in and have some fun bonding with your children while getting a sneaky workout in.

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The Ultimate List of Things To Do at Home When School Closes

This article really covers all bases and all types of interests of children with 62 ideas to get you started for when the kids are at home full time. From virtual field trips to learning a new language to NASA, coding and politics. They’ve really gone to all lengths to provide as many ideas as possible, so you will be sure to find something on there for your kids.

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Fatherly – InstaFun

Fatherly’s InstaFun page was developed with all sorts of activities and games to do with your kids. This page was developed pre-2020 so there are activities in there that won’t be possible but there are a plethora of ideas that are definitely doable and will be loads of fun in the midst of a lockdown situation. Definitely worth keeping this one on your radar.

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Scholastic Learn at Home

Our schools have been doing a great job of supporting parents during these uncertain times with firstly, remaining open for those who can't keep their kids at home and secondly, providing online/remote learning options. If your school hasn't been able to provide a remote learning option or if you are looking for additional learning resources, this is a pretty good place to start. Scholastic is an authority in children's reading and learning and they have lessons for all levels provided in an easy-to-use environment (NB this is a US based program so the grades, resources and lessons may not be available or relevant).

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Embracing Being Indoors

This is our content base for all the various articles we’ve got covering ideas to keep kids entertained and healthy during this unusual time! And like this blog, we will keep adding to this hub with new ideas and content to help get us all through!

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If you have some great ideas to share as well, we would love to know them! Reach out to us on our socials and share! We’re all in this together, so while we can’t be in physical support, let’s utilise the incredible technology we have at our fingertips to find a way to continue to support each other.

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