The Benefits of Playing Outside

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The Benefits of Playing Outside

Remember those days you spent as a child playing outside until it was dark? If you’re anything like us, you probably spent hours biking, running around in the backyard, kicking a football around or jumping on your trampoline with your siblings!

Unfortunately, our kids are spending more time indoors than out and may not have those same memories. We believe that kids need to balance their time indoors and out. We're all about getting families outside and active on their Springfree Trampoline!

Reasons to Play Outside

Outdoor play allows children to develop their physical literacy and of course, get fresh air and healthy exercise. With childhood obesity rates are on the rise, playing outside can help children burn energy and stay healthy. Instead of focusing on a set activity or sport, children will often run around, play and engage in motor and manipulative activities such as catching, throwing and carrying objects without thinking of it as exercise.

Here are a few other reasons why outdoor play is important for kids:

  • Offers an opportunity for learning and creative play
  • Helps kids interact with nature and living things
  • Gives them the courage and confidence when learning a new skill
  • Helps to learn through senses and aid in aesthetic development
  • Encourages social interaction with peers

Outdoor time is important for all kids and encourages learning and exploration. Of course as a parent, you may have safety concerns. And teaching your kids to be watchful and careful is a great way to ensure they stay  safe. Since children learn from adults by example, showing your kids an appreciation for the outdoors will get them excited and eager to learn and explore.

Try some of these fun activities for outdoor play:

  • Jump and play games on your Springfree Trampoline.
  • Go on a nature walk as a family and encourage your children to explore. As you walk ask your kids to describe what they’re hearing, seeing and smelling.
  • Plant a garden with your kids and let them pick out the flowers and plants to go in it.
  • Set up an obstacle course with toys and household objects and encourage them to invite friends over for a race.
  • Set up a game of Twister on the Springfree by using chalk to draw out the mat.
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt in the park or the forest.
  • Create a family challenge on your Smart Trampoline, cheer each other on as you compete together to achieve a high score by bouncing around and jumping on aliens and squashing fruit!

The outdoors is a place where children can run freely, yell and get messy. It’s the perfect place to explore and burn off some energy, all while helping them get exercise and be active. Get involved in your community and your neighbourhood and encourage your children to participate in outdoor activities to get them to appreciate the great outdoors.

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