8 Cool Ways to Get Fit this Summer!

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8 Cool Ways to Get Fit this Summer!

Sunshine, days at the beach and hours of fun outside are all things we love about summer in Australia. But with the glorious sunny days also comes the heat! 

Don't throw in the towel on your fitness motivation just yet – we've got you covered! Here's your ultimate guide to getting fit this summer – without melting!

1. Become a Timing Master

It’s always easier to be active in summer if you don’t go out in the main heat of the day. In fact, you can make just about any exercise more comfortable if you time it right!  Schedule your fitness activities for first thing in the morning or late in the evening wherever possible.  And if you happen to get a sprinkling of light rain or a nice overcast day, use it to your advantage! Why not start with 10 minutes a day jumping on your trampoline, either first thing in the morning, early evening or even after dark.

2. Hit the Beach

The cool ocean breeze, the inviting cool waves – going to the beach regularly is a great way to get fit while having fun! Whether it’s kicking a football around with the kids on the sand, enjoying a nice long walk or taking a dip, you’re sure to benefit from that cool ocean breeze! And you’ll actually enjoy your workout!

3. Swimming

Head to your local pool and start swimming those laps to fitness! Swimming is not only a very cooling exercise, but can also be really relaxing! The rhythmic and repetitive strokes you make will de-stress you in next to no time! And if you’ve got the kids enrolled in swimming classes, you can kill two birds with one stone and get fit while you wait!

4. Get Breezy!

Walking, jogging and riding a bike is always nice and cool if you pick the windy areas. Or create your own breeze – the faster your ride, the breezier it will be! Get pedalling!

5. Start a Water Fight!

Invest in some super soakers, enlist the kids and have a ball with a water fight! It’s the most fun you’ll have while sprinting as fast as your legs will carry you! Even better is starting a surprise water fight with the kids or your spouse – you’ll be laughing and running away without even realising you’re getting a great workout! And the repercussions are sure to cool you down!

6. Bush Walks

Away from the sunlight, a cool walk in the bush could be just the thing this summer! Even better: find a track with a refreshing swimming spot along the way! Even the kids will want to come!

7. Have Fun at a Water Park!

These are becoming increasingly popular and chances are you’ll have one in your area – inflatable water playgrounds! They’re seriously fun, and actually give you an amazing workout! Search the net for water parks in your local area – some are really kid-friendly, with life jackets and life guards on duty. Team up with the kids to climb over obstacles, haul yourself out of the water, balance, slide and lock that core! These are so much fun!

8. Water Sports

Think: kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, wakeboarding or any other water sport you come up with! Join a rowing team in your local area, try stand up paddle boarding or any other water activity that takes your fancy! You can also join the water polo team at your local pool and get competitive!

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