6 Safe, Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Home

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6 Safe, Simple Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Home

With lockdowns being sprung on us when we least expect it, you may be wondering how you'll continue to keep the kids entertained at home. Here's some quick ideas of how to keep the days new and exciting.

1. Roll, Shuffle and Deal. Although, these words sound like dance moves, we're actually referring to a more subtle activity—games! It's time to evaluate your board games, card games, puzzles and outdoor games. Devote time to game night (or day) and gather all family members to participate. Many skill sets are used during game play: reading, following directions, sharing, competitiveness and more. But, most of all—entertainment! 

2. Get Cookin'. Making a meal together with your kids is a wonderful way to spend quality time while also accomplishing a necessary task. Encourage kids to get involved, no matter the age. Kids can read recipes, gather ingredients, stir mixtures and plate and serve the meals. Give them some decision-making powers, like creating the menu. You never know—this may be the time your kids get adventurous and try some new foods (hopefully, veggies, right?).

3. Exercise Every Day. It's important to keep up a healthy, active routine. Set aside plenty of outdoor time each day to exercise muscles and minds. Fresh air and activity will keep kids more physically and mentally fit to face challenges better. Without structured dance or karate classes or sports practices and games to attend, it's up to you to devise ways to keep kids moving. Yikes! Walks around the neighbourhood and riding bikes or scooters will occupy them from time to time. A longer attention-grabber, though, would be a Springfree Trampoline. With safety at the centre, it delivers on all the aspects you need. A fun distraction, safe play, and right in your backyard! Plus, jumping on trampolines has been associated with relieving anxiety and stress and increasing vitamin D to help boost the immune system. Add on a FlexrHoop for slam-dunk games. 

4. Become an Artist. Every kid has artistic and creative abilities. With the extra downtime holidays provide, it's perfect for creating mini masterpieces. Offer kids paint, crayons, clay, and, yes, even slime. Chalk is also a great medium to use as it has a dual purpose—getting children outside. Use the sidewalk or your trampoline mat as an alternative canvas. Perhaps you have a hesitant artist who may need a little coaxing. You can now get access to resources such as famous illustrator Mo Willems guiding kids through doodling lessons online. Also, many local art teachers are offering up resources to encourage artistic expression. Check out this cool robot-themed week.

5. Camp Out (or In). Pitch a tent in the backyard or in the living room. Roast s'mores on the patio fire pit or in the fireplace. Sing songs. Stargaze and remember that the universe is a magnificent place and all will be aligned soon again.


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