50 Ways to Enjoy Your Springfree Trampoline

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50 Ways to Enjoy Your Springfree Trampoline

Your trampoline is a great way to enjoy more family time oudoors! But did you know that your trampoline can be used for more than just jumping? We've compiled our 50 favourite ways to spend time outdoors on your Springfree Trampoline.

1.     Have a snuggly family movie night! Set up a sheet and projector and add plenty of pillows & blankets to make your Springfree the perfect open air viewing platform! 

2.     Pop a small tent on the trampoline and have a backyard camping adventure.

3.     Host a backyard sleepover with sleeping bags and pillows.

4.     Chalk art on the mat.

5.     Family tgoma game competitions. Challenge your kids to determine the best family jumper at Alien Stomp, Quizzle, Math Hopper and Fruitants!

6.     Host a tgoma party in four easy steps.

7.     Have some late afternoon quiet time; lay down and listen to the sounds of nature!

8.     Turn the trampoline into a storytelling space.

9.     Teddy bear picnic on trampoline.

10.  Yoga – Why not try some of your favorite yoga moves on the soft (and forgiving) surface of a trampoline? You may not be able to do all the poses, but you certainly have fun trying!

11.  Take a relaxing nap.

12.  Cloud watching.

13.  Star gazing.

14.  Decorate your Springfree for a special occasion. Costume your trampoline for Halloween or hang lights for Christmas!

15.  Use your Springfree as a performance stage! Stuffed animals make a great audience for little jumpers!

16.  Draw rooms with chalk on the trampoline and play house.

17.  Have a slam dunk contest with your FlexrHoop and ball! 

18.  Throw the ball back and forth with someone outside the trampoline. Try to get it in the hoop!

19.  Sunbathe (don’t forget the sunscreen).

20.  Read books or do some colouring in or sketching.

21.  Blow bubbles on trampoline (make sure you hose it off before jumping).

22.  Have a tea party.

23.  Make a cubby house or hideout with pillows and sheets.

24.  Play games with chalk on the mat! Like naughts and crosses and hangman!

25.  Fill the trampoline with balloons.

26.  Cleaning party – load up with soap and have fun cleaning your Springfree together. Be careful, the surface will get slippery (we don't recommend jumping when the mat is wet or slippery).

27.  Make a 'laser course' on the mat out of wool and try to walk to the other side without touching it.

28.  Practice soccer into the net.

29.  See who can do the most star jumps in one minute.

30.  Draw a hopscotch grid on the mat.

31.  Have a dance competition – take turns busting out your best moves and vote for a winner. Extra points if you make everyone laugh.

32.  Try tgomaFit for fun trampoline moves! 

33.  Memory game – take turns doing a safe 'trick' on the trampoline like bouncing on their bottom. The next person then has to copy the first person’s 'trick' and adds one of their own. Continue with each child doing the tricks before them and adding their own. If someone forgets a trick or gets it out of order, they are out and the game continues until only one child is left! (We don't recommend any flips, somersaults or unsafe jumping). 

34.  Just JUMP!

35.  Put glow sticks around the outside of the trampoline for a cool glow in the dark experience.

36.  Play 'Simon Says,' with the person outside the trampoline being 'Simon' each time. Switch places after each round.

37.  Play the basketball shooting game, ‘HORSE’, from outside the trampoline with the FlexrHoop.

38.  Jump with a balloon, but don’t let it touch you!

39.  tgoma tablet holder benefits: play music through your tablet while jumping, take action video/pictures while jumping or watch a movie.

40.  String lights on the frame & the top of your safety net for night time jumping.

41.  Do homework/study while relaxing on the soft, comfy mat.

42.  Rehabilitation after injury – improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

43.  Put pillows under your clothes and have a pillow wrestle (keep it gentle, and no bouncing).

44.  Turn your trampoline into 'superhero headquarters' and have a weekend of superhero fun

45.   At night, clip a white sheet to the front of the trampoline. Shine a couple of flashlights on the sheet from the inside of the trampoline and take turns putting on a shadow puppet show!

46.  Use your stats on tgoma to see how high you can jump!

47.  Learn practical science! Use your trampoline to give practical examples and make learning fun! Teach the principles of gravity, weights, friction and static electricity while laughing and getting some great exercise.

48. Fitness routines. Check out these quick and easy trampoline fitness exercises.

49.  Dance with trailing silk scarves.

50.  Sensory teaching and development.

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