The 15 Must-Have Back to School Supplies for 2020

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The 15 Must-Have Back to School Supplies for 2020

Nothing says the beginning of a school year like freshly sharpened pencils, colourful notebooks, and a brand-new backpack. Sure, getting your kids ready to go can feel overwhelming (why does summer always fly by?!), but thanks to these adorable school supplies, you'll be all set before the new school year hits. Just try and stop yourself from buying all the notebooks for yourself...!

1. Orange Circle Medium Spiral Planner 2020 Giraffe

Help your kids keep organised with to-do lists, goal tracking, water consumption, special moments and even draw making in this all-in-one companion for taking on the go. It's printed in full colour and comes with stickers so they can personalise it to suit them!

2. Crayola Signature Blending Markers 16 Pack 

Encourage the budding artist in your family with these Crayola Signature Blending Markers. These will be pieces of art you'll proudly showcase on the fridge! 

3. Pets Lunchbox Bundle 

This great saving Pets Lunchbox Bundle has been put together to help you make some creative lunches for the kids. Great for your little one who loves all things cute and sweet like pets!

4. Flamingo Scissors

Is there anything cuter than working on fine motor skills with a pair of flamingo scissors? We think not.

5. Beeswax Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Wrap their go-to chicken sandwich in this beeswax wrap, then wash and reuse. 

6. Adorable Erasers

These school day staples look good enough to eat. They won't mind correcting their homework when their erasers are this cute.

7. Stackable Crayons

This pack comes with 12 colourful crayons that are non-toxic and washable. Plus, the shape of 'em makes it easy for kids of all ages to colour.

8. Cactus Pens Set

Get the good ideas rolling like a tumbleweed with these adorable cactus pens.

9. Cassette Tape Dispenser Pen Holder

Kids connect to music the way adults connect with bedtime after a long day. Adorn your little music lover's desk with this retro cassette-tape dispenser that doubles as a pen holder. 

10. iClever BoostCare Kids Headphones

These headphones are absolutely adorable and the cat ear detail is irresistible.  Plus they deliver crisp, clear sound without blowing out your kid's eardrums, thanks to adjustable travel and study modes. 

11. Food Sticky Notes

Inspired by delicious eats, these sweet little sticky notes won't get lost at the bottom of your kid's backpack. They'll actually look forward to using them to jot down notes.

12. Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bag with Handle

Whether your kid lights up at the thought of going to PE class or immediately tries to think of a reason to dash to the nurse’s office, they will more than likely have a heap of smelly gym clothes at the end of the week. Keep the smell contained with these waterproof wet/dry bags that can be stashed in their school locker.

13. iEGrow USB Touch LED Desk Lamp

Your kid's won't beleaf that this plant look-alike is a desk lamp. Make learning about photosynthesis and Earth science extra fun while also shining the perfect amount of light for your little students when they are up late completing that project they procrastinated on.

14. Inspirational Pencils

Everyone needs a little reminder that they are on the right track. We love the inspirational quotes on these rainbow pencils. Your child will appreciate the bump in confidence, too! As a side note, these pencils are totally Insta-ready, which your kid will absolutely love.

15. Scratch-off Lunchbox Notes

OK, so this is more of a mum or teacher must-have — however, we are obsessed with these scratch-off lunch notes! Kids will love the anticipation each day, and you can write words of encouragement if they're having a rough week. Stick them in a notebook or hide one in their desk for when they need a midweek pick-me-up.

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