12 Things To Do With Family During School Holidays

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12 Things To Do With Family During School Holidays

The sun is shining, the weather’s beautiful, and the holidays are here! Time to plan some activities to beat the heat and make the most of the warmer weather with family and friends. Here are a few of our favourite holiday activities.

Beach day!

If the weather’s sunny, take the kids to the beach for a day of fun activities, including swimming, bodysurfing, volleyball, sandcastle building and more. Pack lots of sunscreen to make sure no one ends up turning into a tomato — plus snacks and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Don’t forget the beach cricket set!

family in a beach

Go for a walk through the neighbourhood.

Don’t have a plan for the day? Don’t sweat it. Pick a nice time for a family walk and see what the others in your area are up to. Together, you can come up with a plan of fun and activities everyone can do together — or even with your Springfree Trampoline! Set the kids a scavenger hunt list of items to find and they can tick them off as they go!

Jump to the music.

Music is meant to get you moving! Throw on your favourite songs and summertime jams and show your joy by hopping onto your Springfree Trampoline. (Plus, it’s good for you! Jumping on the trampoline for 10 minutes has the potential health benefits of 30 minutes of physical activity.) Too hot? Add a sprinkler or Sunshade!

Family barbeque!

Invite the family over and light up the barbie for a day of feasting and celebrating. Remember to have an esky of ice-cold drinks to keep everybody hydrated, don’t forget some veggie skewers and other vegetarian options so everyone has something to eat.

Family Barbeque in the backyard with kids playing in a trampoline

Bring out the inner creationist.

Grab some materials from your local hardware and craft stores and see what you can make. Why not try and make some backyard monsters to play some bean bag toss, all you need is some wood and a bit of cardboard – for more check out Crafty Carnival!

Get Messy.

Have a family fun day in the kitchen! Bake a cake or make some healthy summer snacks for everyone to enjoy, check out Lunch Lady for some great recipes! Then, you can burn off those extra kilojoules on your Springfree Trampoline.

Game night!

If the weather outside is too hot to play, open up the game cupboard and pick out something to play for a family game night. There’s nothing like gathering around the kitchen table for a night of fun and festivities.

a family playing with cards

Bedazzle the trampoline.

There are lots of ways to decorate your Springfree Trampoline, from strings of outdoor fairy lights, to leftover DIY decorations from your home, to some of mother nature’s gifts—ferns, palm leaves, evergreen and leaves. Plan a day of decorating with your kids and see how creative you can get!

Pick the ultimate backyard companion: a trampoline!

With a 10-year warranty and a revolutionary springless safety design, the Springfree Trampoline makes for an incredible backyard addition that won’t break down, run out of batteries or get lost on a trip to the grandparents. Plus, you can shop online, and have it delivered right to your door. Check our website’s delivery and installation zones to make sure you can get installation with your delivery – so you can kick back and relax!

Bounce competition.

See who can work up a sweat the fastest by setting a boisterous bounce record. Give each family member one minute on the trampoline to see who can get in the most bounces, or the most seat drops. The winner gets first turn the next time you go out for a bounce!

Water fight!

If you’re hot and sweaty from your bounce competition, declare an all-out-H2O battle! Bust out the hose, water balloons, water guns and buckets, and raise a ruckus chasing each other around the yard! Just be sure to have lots of towels on hand to dry off after, or bounce dry on the trampoline!

Now you have the tools to have a great time these school holidays!

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