9 Best Educational Apps for Kids

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9 Best Educational Apps for Kids

It's pretty safe to say that technology is definitely part of our children's lives. Schools now require them to have a device and they see us on our own devices at any given time of day. Whilst there is a lot of negativity associated with technology and screen time, the flip side to that is the benefit of having access to a plethora of fun educational apps that are seeing the kids get engaged in their education in an enjoyable way.

We've picked our Top 10 Educational Apps to get the kids started on their learning journey.

1. ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning program that helps children learn to read. Based on scientific research and designed by experienced Australian teachers, it’s proven to help kids learn to read using interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities and over 2,500 digital story books.  Parents can see instant results in their dashboard and receive detailed progress reports, which shows exactly where their child is improving and where extra attention is needed.

2. K-5 Science Apps for Kids

The app is so engaging while teaching kids a variety of science topics. Tappity teaches 100+ science topics with fun experiments, stories, and games. The narration and interactive features make it ideal for a wide range of ages. Tappity’s science guide Haley will take students on mini-adventures to teach concepts related to a variety of science topics. Parents are frequently involved with the app as Haley urges children to get their parents to share in the marking of their accomplishments.

3. Elmo Loves 123s

Elmo loves exploring numbers! This app has songs and videos about numbers. It has colouring pages and games about numbers. Explore numbers with Elmo and Abby! Help your child identify and count numbers from 1 to 20, do simple addition and subtraction, and trace numbers that also open surprises, such as Sesame Street videos, puzzles, and colouring pages.

4. Habitat the Game

Teach your kid to care for the environment with Habitat the Game. Players adopt a virtual polar bear and in order to keep the bear alive and healthy, players must complete real-world actions -- such as turning lights off and conserving water. Little ones will take pride in making an actual difference in the world with these exciting games.

5. Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Your kid will keep busy for hours with this app, which has over 180 logic puzzles ranging from simple matching to complex games with obstacles, mazes, and multi-touch action. With each game they play, they'll hone their reasoning, observation and spatial cognition capabilities while developing the skills they need to conquer higher levels.

6. ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast

Jump onboard with ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast. Help Amanda and Otto the Octopus solve mysteries by completing educational puzzles and riddles. And if your little one isn't in the mood for a game, the Appisodes feature lets him just watch the app's cartoon content.

7. Dexteria Dots 2

Your child will have a blast practicing math and improving his fine motor skills with Dexteria Dots 2. Each dot represents a number, and players must combine and divide them to solve each problem. The simple-to-use app features bright colours and goofy animations that adults can enjoy too.

8. Sight Words Adventure

Help your child learn to recognize, read, and write up to 320 sight words. By tapping into every kid's love of hide-and-seek, your child will practice the cognitive skills necessary to remember sight words -- like visual attention, active listening, and visual memorization. This app will ensure that children have increased exposure to high frequency words that appear in text. These interactions will enable them to acquire the words into their long term memory.

9. Balloony Word

Play with your kids by giving this hangman-like game a try: They'll learn new vocabulary and practice spelling skills while trying to keep a gorilla afloat with a handful of balloons.  The outcome is a bit more pleasant than the traditional ‘hangman’. You can play this game alone or with your loved ones. Whether it is a quick five minutes game time after dinner or half hour play time with your kids cuddled on the sofa, you will surely have fun together and learn something new.

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