Installation Tips

We realise that Springfree trampolines can be complex to put up. Please remember to read instructions and watch online video’s prior to installation, for installation issues that cannot be resolved Please contact us in the first instance so we can assist you with the installation. 1800 586 772.

We have put together some frequently asked questions with some advice as well as specific video tips for each model:



  • Net rods popping out of the top of the net pockets: You will need to drop the net down on to the mat and forcibly push the rods up past the band of stitching. Should you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. (I have attached a leaflet regarding this, we send this out to customers so maybe there is some information you can utilize.)
  • I have a hole in my net what should I do? – Small holes are normally caused by catching or snagging the net on installation, if you continue with installation these can easily be repaired by using upholstery thread (dependent on size of hole) The thread we recommend is Gutermann Upholstery Thread code CA02776 in black available from leading upholstery stores. Alternatively you may wish to complete the online claim form please complete claim form online.


  • I have broken a mat rod holder which is located in my mat, it holds the rod in place – Remove rod from frame to prevent consequential damage to other components. Please complete claim online so we can arrange replacement parts. We do advise customers not to use the trampoline until replacement parts are fitted. We know at Christmas this is not possible as kids want to jump so please limit use to smaller kids with no high jumps or flips.
  • I cannot get the mat rods in – please watch the online video and refer to your owner's manual for hints and tips. We do have an installation officer for over the phone assistance.
  • We have been working on the installation of our new Springfree Trampoline and can’t get three of the net rods into the clips. It appears that the net rods are a little longer than the clip placement. Can you please advise?
    We are pleased to hear of your recent purchase of a Springfree Trampoline. There are a few things you can try with the rods:
    • Compare rods that aren’t fitting with a rod that does fit to see if the groove that the C-Clips fit into is in the same location on all the rods (these should all be in the same location)
    • Check to see if there is any debris in the sockets
    • Take the C-Clip out of the socket, insert the rod, then attach the C-Clip to the socket
    • If the C-clips are bent, then try using the spare C-clips.
    If you are still experiencing an issue with the rods, please contact us on 1800 586 772.
  • One of the mat rod holders on my mat is broken. Can this be repaired or do I have to replace the mat?
    Please be advised that having a broken mat rod holder does not compromise the safety or integrity of the trampoline. It is still perfectly safe to use however we do advise no high jumps or flips whilst parts are missing or damaged. With that said, the mat rod holder can be replaced. We can send you a replacement holder with repair instructions. The repair is quite simple and can be completed within a matter of minutes! If you require a mat rod holder, please provide us with your mailing address and contact information. Otherwise, we can provide you with the cost for a replacement mat.
  • One of my mat rods are sticking out and will not stay within the socket what is wrong?
    This is possibly due to a broken mat rod holder. Please inspect the black rod socket that is located in the underside of the mat. If this is broken you can remove it and the rod so as not to cause consequential damage. Please contact product support who will be able to assist you. We do advise not using the trampoline when parts are missing or broken, but for small children with no high flips or jumps you may monitor use until the parts are replaced. We advise doing this as a matter of urgency as consequential damage will not be covered and parts will need to be purchased.
  • The mat on my O92 looks wavy – please check the curved frame sections are correctly located. When stood at entrance looking at trampoline, you would be stood in front of a straight frame section, moving round to your right the next frame should have 11 rod sockets coming out of the top coming to the left of the straight section will be a curved section with 10 mat rod sockets – the opposite side would be a mirror image.


  • I recently purchased a Springfree Trampoline and am having difficulty installing the product. I don’t have anyone that can help me. Can you advise me on what to do?
    We are pleased to hear of your recent purchase of a Springfree Trampoline. For installation tips and an installation video, please visit
  • If you would like to have someone install the trampoline, we would recommend:
    • Calling our customer service department who will be able to add this on for you
    • Consulting a gardener or landscaping company for assembly
    • Calling our customer service department who will be able to add this on for you
  • We are in the process of assembling our trampoline and it doesn’t seem very stable/sturdy. Can you advise us?
    We can assure you that the frame is very secure and sturdy. As you continue the assembly process and start to install the mat rods, you will find that with all parts assembled, the structure tightens and naturally becomes very strong and stable.


The following trampoline models do not indicate the FIRST ROD position by a sticker. Please download the appropriate trampoline manual.

  • Model SF40
  • Model SF60
  • Model SF72
  • Model SF68
  • Model SF90
  • Model SF80
For other models missing FIRST ROD position sticker, follow these instructions first.

Table of Contents

  1. General Instruction Video
  2. Assembling the frame
  3. Attaching the mat
  4. Positioning the Enclosure Net and Inserting the Rods
  5. Raising the Enclosure

1. General Instruction Video

The Springfree™ Trampoline and FlexiNet™ enclosure system is designed to be self assembled.

For first time installation, it should take two adults around two hours to complete. Here you will find some useful tips on the most frequently asked installation questions.

Each model will differ slightly in its assembly, so while these tips can be a handy guide, we recommend you refer closely to your Instruction Manual found in your Springfree™ Trampoline packaging. Please look at the quick tip installation guides first.

Quick Tip Installation Guides:

  1. R54 - Compact Round Trampoline [Download]
  2. R79 - Medium Round Trampoline [Download]
  3. O77 - Medium Oval Trampoline [Download]
  4. O92 - Large Oval Trampoline [Download]
  5. S113 - Large Square Trampoline [Download]
  6. S155 - Jumbo Square Trampoline [Download]

2. Assembling the Frame


Springfree™ Trampoline supplies two flat wrenches to fasten the bolts and nuts. If you have your own sockets / wrenches at home however, you can use one 1/2" (13mm) socket wrench and one 1/2" combination wrench. 

Method for ensuring leg Centre Posts are correctly in place and that enclosure nets are not caught between the seat of the centre post and the frame:

  1. Before beginning to join the net and mat rods to the frame ensure centre posts are as best under the frame as possible i.e. the inside edge of the rubberized seat of the post is under the frame. It is important at this point also to ensure the seat of the post is turned in position ready to be accommodated by the curve of the frame.
  2. Once the net and all mat rods are correctly in place ensure no netting is sitting on top of any centre post seat. 
  3. After connecting the 1st rod at each 1st rod position to the mat recheck that the net is still not caught between the seat of the centre post and frame and where necessary push each centre post further under the frame (even if only a fraction).
  4. After connecting a further 2 rods at each ‘station’ thus exerting more pressure on the frame and legs recheck the net is not caught and again push each centre post further under the frame as necessary.
  5. After connecting a further 4 rods at each ‘station’ continue as in step 4.
  6. Once all rods are in place and the net is up on mat recheck that centre posts are in correct position.

Note: If at any time any centre post is not properly positioned beneath the frame it may be necessary to hit the post sharply with the base of the hand. Should this not work NEVER use a hammer or similar object. The situation can only be rectified by releasing some of the pressure from the mat rods in the affected area and continuing as in step 5.


[Watch Video]
During the installation of your R54 trampoline, the frame initially may not meet together or sit tightly on the centre leg upstands.

Upon completing the installation, the mat rods will tension the frame and seat normally.
Although one or more centre leg upstand may not entirely meet the frame, this is normal and will not affect the use, safety or product lifespan whatsoever.


[Watch Video]
The Springfree™ Trampoline R79 model has a unique frame socket system. The “frame socket” is where the rods that support the trampoline jumping mat are inserted into the frame.
NB:  It is very important to ensure the rods are correctly and fully inserted into the “frame socket” otherwise the black plastic insert may be damaged.

Before you begin inserting the rods into the frame sockets, ensure all the plastic inserts are installed correctly; Figure 1 shows the insert in the correct position, note both halves of the end of the insert are visible and the wedge shaped clip is positioned against the edge of the slot.  Figure 2 shows the insert in the wrong position, note only half of the insert is visible and the wedge shaped clip is away from the edge of the slot.


[Watch Video]
If after the installation of your O92 trampoline, the mat appears to have a dip or wave at the curved end sections (as in the picture below), the frame sections may be incorrectly installed.

Standing at either curved end of your Springfree™ Trampoline, the right hand curved frame section will have 10 mat rod sockets and the left hand frame section will have 11.

This will be the same for both curved frame section ends (see pic below).


3. Attaching the Mat


Warning: Treat any loaded rod with caution until you are sure it is properly installed or uninstalled. Keep your face well clear of any loaded rod.

When inserting the rods, grab the rod underhand and use the weight of your body, not just your arm strength, to push the rod in. Lift the mat with the other hand as you push the rod under the cleat position and then lower it onto the ball at the top of the rod. Make sure the ball is fully engaged in the cleat.

If you miss the cleat on the first try, we find it's helpful to bring the rod back to its initial position and try again, rather than trying to find the proper position while the rod is flexed.

Extra Tip: You will likely find that some of the mat rods in the corners require more applied force in order to get them into the mat edge socket. If you find that the distance between the rods and the mat is too great, have a second person push on the already attached rods on the opposite corner of the trampoline. It is also helpful if they brace the frame on the opposite side to keep it from sliding while you are inserting the rods.

4. Positioning the Enclosure Net and Inserting the Rods


The D-Ring on the door of the enclosure net should be facing towards the ground when inserting the rod through the hole into the frame. If the D-Ring is facing up, the net will be inside out.

Ensure that all rods are fully inserted into the bottom of the sockets.

5. Raising the Enclosure Net


Warning: Never attempt to remove an enclosure rod from its joiner or remove a C-Clip from its slot in the joiner while the enclosure rod is under tension.

When inserting the enclosure rods, first insert the short segment with the white ball into the pocket at the top of the enclosure. Next, insert the long segment into the appropriate socket on the frame ensuring that the plastic C-clip locks it into place.