Does Your Trampoline Need a Sunshade? | Is It Worth It?  

Trampolines can be heavily affected by the sun: Find out how to beat the heat, including whether getting a trampoline sunshade is worth it for you!

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Does Your Trampoline Need a Sunshade? | Is It Worth It?  

The hot temperatures of summer affect more than just your body temperature. If you have a backyard trampoline sitting out in the sun, you need to understand the consequences. 

More importantly, you must understand what you can do about it. Why? Because the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays are arguably the most damaging environmental threat to trampolines.

One of the solutions to combat the sun is to buy a trampoline sunshade, and today, we’ll be using our decades of trampoline expertise to assess whether a sunshade is worth it for you or not.  

We will first cover basic questions about how sunlight affects trampolines before discussing the different ways you can protect your trampoline from the sun.  

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Do Trampolines Get Hot in the Sun? 

Just like other backyard entities, trampolines do get hot in the sun—potentially VERY hot depending on where it’s located. 

The temperature of trampolines, notably the frame and mat, can rise substantially in areas where the temperature regularly rises above 38°C, making it untenable and potentially dangerous to bounce on.  

What Damage Does the Sun Cause to Trampolines? 

In basic terms, UV light from the sun can wear down key parts of the trampoline—like the frame, mat, netting and padding—decreasing their strength in the process. 

Direct sunlight makes the trampoline susceptible to breaking down, which could lead to replacing the trampoline altogether. Or worse, a deteriorating trampoline could lead to a trampoline injury due to a malfunction of the product.  

How Long Does a Trampoline Last in the Sun? 

It’s impossible to put an exact number on how long a trampoline will last in the sun because there are so many different types of trampolines ranging substantially in quality. 

A cheap trampoline ($200-$400) may not last past a year if exposed to constant direct sunlight (especially if they include no UV stabilizers). Premium trampolines can last longer depending on which trampoline brand you’re talking about. 

For instance, our Springfree Trampoline mats undergo 5,000 hours of UV testing—meaning the mat would be able to survive 5,000 hours of extreme hot and direct sunlight before showing wear and tear. 

You can assume that the higher the quality of the trampoline, the more likely it will be able to survive longer in the sun without noticeable deterioration.  

4 Ways to Protect Your Trampoline From the Sun 

The good news about modern trampolines is many of them come with at least some type of embedded UV features. The bad news is UV-resistant features can only do so much, and oftentimes, not every component of the trampoline is UV-protected.  

You could take our Springfree Trampolines, the highest quality trampolines with ample UV protection, and if it lives in constant direct sunlight, it’s still going to be damaged by the sun’s rays over time.  

That means actions must be taken to ensure your trampoline is safe from the sun. Here are four ways to protect your trampoline from UV damage: 

  1. Place the Trampoline in the Shade 

The simplest solution to shielding your trampoline from the sun? Put it in the shade. 

This might not be practical for some backyards, particularly if you don’t have a lot of room to place the trampoline. But if you have the room, placing a trampoline in a partially shaded area will be a natural way to fight off the sun. 

If you need to move your trampoline from the sun to the shade, you can either manually pick it up or use trampoline wheels to help with transporting the trampoline.  

A boy jumping in mid-air on a Springfree Medium Round Trampoline with a FlexrHoop. 

  1. Put a Sprinkler Underneath the Trampoline 

Another way you can mitigate the damage from heat exposure is to place a sprinkler underneath the trampoline (water doesn’t damage the trampoline). 

The great thing about this solution is you get two benefits out of it: One, you cool down the trampoline and two, your kids get to play in the water while jumping on the trampoline! 

You can also use a water hose to cool off the trampoline mat if you don’t have a sprinkler close by.  However, the downside to this option is it can make the mat slippery, which could cause an injury.  

If using a sprinkler, be extra careful and adhere to a “One Jumper at a Time” Rule – which we always recommend! 

A girl jumping with water balloons on a Springfree Trampoline with a Sunshade attached to the top. 

  1. Make Sure Metal Parts Have Padding 

Most trampolines nowadays will include padding over the springs and frame, but if they don’t, consider it a must-have not only to alleviate damage from the sun but for safety too.  

Investing in padding for other parts of the trampoline—like the poles—would also be a good idea if you’re worried about sun-related damage or the safety of your jumpers.  

  1. Buy a Trampoline Sunshade 

Last but not least is the trampoline sunshade accessory or trampoline shade cover. This accessory could be a game-changer, particularly for those that don’t have a shaded area to safely place the trampoline. 

Sunshades for trampolines can, depending on which one you buy, filter up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It can also keep your jumper’s cooler while jumping.  

See a Springfree Trampoline Sunshade below:   

A girl jumping on a Springfree Trampoline with a Sunshade attached while two other kids watch. 

Is a Trampoline Sunshade Worth It? 

Building off the last point, is a trampoline sunshade worth investing in? 

If you can’t move your trampoline to a shaded area, a trampoline sunshade would be your best permanent solution to ward off damage from the sun.  

A trampoline sunshade can: 

  • Filter out damaging sun rays that can deteriorate key parts of the trampoline.  

  • Keep jumpers cooler on hot summer days. 

  • Better ensure the longevity and safety of your trampoline. 

Weather is one of the biggest dangers to trampolines, and purchasing accessories like a trampoline sunshade helps you avoid a disastrous outcome caused by Mother Nature. The sunshade also creates a fort and a private space for the kids to jump! 

The major con to trampoline sunshades is it limits how high you can jump: If you jump too high and hit the sunshade, it may cause an injury. Be careful not to jump too high when a sunshade is attached! 

Trampoline sunshades cost anywhere from $30-$250+ depending on what size trampoline you have. Generally speaking: The bigger the trampoline, the more the sunshade is going to cost.  

If you do purchase a trampoline sunshade, make sure it’s compatible with your trampoline! Find the brand of trampoline you have and see if they sell a trampoline sunshade first before going elsewhere to buy one. Retailers like Amazon sell different types of sunshades or covers. 

If you have a Springfree Trampoline, a Sunshade will cost $199, no matter the size you have.  

You can also find trampoline covers to protect the mat, springs and frame from the sun; however, it does not shade the entirety of the trampoline and you can’t jump while the cover is on.  

Need Any Other Trampoline Accessories?  

A trampoline sunshade is certainly an accessory worth looking into as a solution to avoiding dangerous deterioration caused by the sun.  

Whatever your solution for the sun is, don’t wait to find it: A trampoline receiving constant direct sunlight will break down faster than you may think. 

The sunshade is just one of the many trampoline accessories you can choose from to make your trampoline safer, more durable and more fun. 

Other common trampoline accessories include: 

Check out our article, “8 Accessories You Can Buy for a Trampoline,” to find out which accessory you could use to enhance your trampoline experience! 


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