Hot Birthday Trends for 2024

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Hot Birthday Trends for 2024

Every year, it feels like birthday party expectations are increasing. Theming is BIG so fortunately we have things like Pinterest to provide ample suggestions on how to create the ultimate look for your child’s birthday. But it does help to start with a theme and this can often be challenging. So we’ve found the top 8 themes that are trending for 2024.

Movie Night Party

A classic party theme that everyone loves! You can set up indoors or out, pick a classic kid movie, set out popcorn, blankets or forts, and even print out tickets! Check out our trampoline DIY movie guide for some inspiration.

family watching movie in springfree trampoline

Bubbles and Brunch

We aren't referring to the bubbles you remember pre-kids, but a morning party with brunch items and kid-favourite bubbles is a winning combo. Offer up egg muffins, scones, fruit and other nibbly goodies, and let the kids go wild with a wand or two. If you've got older kids, why not set up a bubble lab with experiments, instead.

kids playing with bubbles

Image Source: Pinterest 

Spa Party, Glamping, Camping & Slumber Party

The big trend being seen, especially with older children, are sleepover spa parties. This does not have to be at an actual spa! The market is flooded with fun low-cost home-based spa treatments. Drop cucumber slices in ice water to cover their eyes while they let a face mask settle in and offer soft and cozy robes and slippers and twirl their hair up in a towel for a day of pampering.

Slumber parties make some of the best memories, string up some garland and lights, a few decorations, music and it’s a party! If weather permits- go glamping outside.

For a Camping theme, you could pitch a tent in your backyard if weather allows and have a night under the stars or set up in a room inside. Have everyone bring sleeping bags, BBQ some sausages & dig into some fire-roasted marshmallows. You could apply a bush animal party theme. Mix in some bandannas, nature decor and lanterns and have activities like a scavenger hunt list. Check out our backyard camping guide

For younger kids or kids that aren't ready to make the jump to a whole night sleepover, invite friends over around dinner time, and plan fun "night time" activities like karaoke, a dance party, glow-in-the-dark games, outdoor games you can play in the dark or even crafts.

family in a tent

Image Source: Pinterest 

The New Princess Parties

Mermaid, unicorn, and rainbow themes are popular alternatives to the traditional princess party.

Unicorns and mermaids are fun, ethereal, glittery, and build a child’s confidence through traditional and inspirational storytelling. You can really get creative with these themes: from the cake to the party favours you can get as creative as you want.

Make it a Rainbow Unicorn Party to take it to the next level. Activities can include decorating unicorn headband horns.

Unicorn Princess Parties

Image Source: Party with Lenzo

Tea Party & Fairy Party

This is one of the sweetest trends coming on from creating a backyard tea party, in the house or at an actual venue. From Alice to Wonderland Themes to Shabby Chic Vintage Themes, kids love playing dress-up- not to mention those yummy tea sandwiches and pastel macaroons are too cute! Have the kids decorate crowns or wings as activities. Or they can paint their own tea cup.

Tea Party

Image Source: Pinterest 

Cooking and Baking Parties

Another idea for both boys and girls is to have a cooking or baking party. With kids cooking competition shows rising in popularity, kids are being encouraged and inspired to learn to cook or have some creative fun decorating cupcakes and cookies. 

You can do this at home by putting out different coloured icings, sprinkles and topping. As an activity them could decorate and personalize their own aprons and wear chef hats.

Baking Parties

Image Source: Evite Party Ideas

Mad Scientist or Exploration Party

This is all the rage! Kids will love being hands-on with a science-themed bash! Hand out lab coats and safety goggles, drink from beakers, and put together simple experiments.

You can do this at a home party or most children’s museums offer kids birthday parties at a reasonable cost, so the kids can party SMART!

Science parties

Image Source: Kara’s Party Ideas 

Arts and Crafts Party

Ditch the nice clothes and let your kids get messy! A messy art party could use things like squirt guns, mega-canvases, shaving cream and paint-filled eggs, to get kids' creative juices flowing.

These are great opportunities for kids to do something different and use creativity to create something to hold on to forever. Keep kids busy with art and craft stations during the party. Kids can create a painting or a craft that will also serve as a party favour.

If you can't stomach the chaos (and mess!) check out your local craft stores to see if they offer birthday parties which will save you from the mess!

Craft party

Image Source: Pinterest 


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