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Reassembly Waiver

Re-Assembly of Components showing Wear and Tear

Springfree has designed its products for both long service life and for safety. Over time, some components can deteriorate due to fair wear and tear. Where Springfree is providing a service to our customers, and during that service we become aware of a worn or compromised part, we will advise you of this and make suggestions for either its repair or replacement if we believe that is the best option.

 Because we are focused on safety, where some form of wear has resulted in a change to the products original condition that might represent a risk to the jumper (however small) we will let you know.


Safety research shows that a large proportion of trampoline injuries result from children falling off the trampoline. While providing services to you, where we become aware of any wear and tear on the net component, we will let you know. Some minor holes etc simply need to be watched.

Where a large hole has developed in the net, or where a zipper has jammed or failed, we will advise you that this may represent a risk to the user. Where we believe such a risk exists, we will suggest replacement of the worn component at that time. The decision to repair, replace, or to continue to use the worn component on the trampoline is solely at your discretion. 

In the event we recommend a replacement part, we'll provide you with an estimate for the cost of the parts.


Our team would have discussed with you any wear and tear your trampoline is experiencing prior to moving forward with the purchase of the service. We always recommend repairing or replacing any damaged component on your trampoline for safety reasons however it is your discretion to choose to do so. By moving forward with our services you agree to take responsibility of the condition of your trampoline.

Safe and Happy Jumping,

The Team at Springfree