Compact Round Trampoline

Our 2.5m round trampoline is designed for little jumpers and smaller backyards.

Is it bouncy?

Our smallest trampoline provides plenty of jumping room. A soft bounce suitable for little jumpers and smaller backyards.

no springs = more jumping space
The jumping surface of our 2.5m round trampoline is equivalent to that of a 3m round trampoline with springs. The compact round trampoline allows you to maximize your jumping surface


Springfree™ Trampoline uses flexible composite rods that lie beneath the jumping surface and out of harm’s way. Spring-based trampolines have springs that will pinch or injure a jumper.

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SoftEdge™ Mat

Springfree™ Trampoline’s SoftEdge™ mat is 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads. The pads on spring-based trampolines do not protect from injury, lose much of their shock-absorbency after the first impact and have the shortest lifespan of any part on the trampoline.

Hidden Frame

Springfree™ Trampoline’s frame is well beneath the jumping surface - you can’t hit it, period. The frame on a spring-based trampoline is a hazard to jumpers, resulting in significant fractures, lacerations and head injuries.

FlexiNet™ Enclosure

Springfree™ Trampoline's FlexiNet™ enclosure uses flexible net rods to cushion jumpers and prevent falls. Spring-based trampoline enclosures use steel poles to fasten the net to the trampoline, allowing jumpers to collide with a solid pole and be dropped down onto the frame and springs.

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Compact Round R54 Trampoline Specifications

Physical Dimensions

  • Size of mat
  • ?
    Size of trampoline mat
2.5m (diameter)
Surface area of mat 4.9 m2
  • Total space required
  • ?
    Total yard space required
5.5 m
Jumper weight 80 kg
Height of mat above ground 0.8 m
Total height 2.3 m

Shipping and Packing

Number of boxes 2 boxes
Box weight 34.5 kg
  34.9 kg
  (total: 72 kg)
Box dimensions 1670 x 530 x 145 mm
  1670 x 530 x 145 mm
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